Since the start of this year, alternative rock band, Motion City Soundtrack officially kicked off their ten-year anniversary tour for their sophomore record, Commit This To Memory. What a decade it has been for the band and to have them be at the stage of releasing their new album, Panic Stations, next month, it’s hard not to look back on their past achievements. That said, keyboardist, Jesse Johnson felt like the shows brought together a community of fans that were there for nostalgic purposes. “I think as a record, the fans have all kind of grew up with it. I think it holds a special place for a lot of people which is why it’s really fun to play and watching fans enjoy themselves.”

After 2003’s I Am The Movie, Motion City Soundtrack’s second record was one that felt most at home in terms of the band’s sound and lyrical content. The transition between a band’s first and second record can be a tough one as expectations on a sophomore release can be quite high. The quintet had the opportunity to work with veteran Mark Hoppus (of Blink-182) and this gave them a chance to work with a producer that enabled them to find their place in their art. “Working with Mark [Hoppus] was the first time we kind of changed up some parts of our songs,” Johnson continues. “I think it was our first, as far as the learning curve, working with a producer that was doing pre-production and kind of finding a fine setting for some of our work, you know.”

“The amount of travelling that we do and the people that we meet and where we recorded our records have shaped our fanbase.”

With sound influences coming from bands such as The Get Up Kids and Fugazi, Johnson claims that their consistent sound stems from the music that the band grew up listening to. As he reflects on Commit This To Memory, he claims that since reaching their milestone, the records after that (Even If It Kills Me, My Dinosaur Life and Go) have all in a way contained their sound influences. “I feel like we’ve strayed away a little bit here and there and Justin [Pierre] has a unique voice so in the way he writes and sings those lyrics, it will always sound like a Motion City Soundtrack song.” He says.


Ten years older now, Johnson mentioned that he sees the songs from Commit This To Memory in the same light when they were made. Having played most songs from the record in both national and international tours, he says that frontman, Justin Pierre, does not see the context of the songs the same way now like he did before. “I think they’ve somehow, for me, retained exactly what they were when they were made,” Johnson explains. “As far as Justin and his lyrics, he’s mentioned before that, looking on him at his younger self and seeing him now, he doesn’t feel the same way about certain things in life and it’s interesting to look back at those lyrics that he wrote.”

Having the chance to see other parts of the world while creating the music that they love, Johnson was grateful  to realise that everything happened for a reason. He mentions the little things that have made his music career worthwhile in Motion City Soundtrack. “The amount of travelling that we do and the people that we meet and where we recorded our records have shaped our fanbase. If we didn’t record Even If It Kills Me in New York, I probably wouldn’t have met my wife,” He says. “The mixture of bands we’d been able to tour with: Blink-182, Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects that’s kind of been a whirlwind, you know. I don’t think we ever really thought we’d tour beyond the United States, so everything else we’ve been very lucky to do.”

Motion City Soundtrack Commit This To Memory 10th Anniversary Australian Tour Dates 

Tickets on sale now

Friday, 28th August 2015
Manning Bar, Sydney (18+)
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Saturday, 29th August 2015
Max Watt’s (The Hi-Fi), Brisbane (18+)
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Sunday, 30th August 2015
170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Wednesday, 2nd September 2015
The Gov, Adelaide (18+)
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Thursday, 3rd September 2015
The Rosemount, Perth (18+)
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

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