US rockers Papa Roach are about to return Down Under for their first ever headline shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The band was last seen in Australia back in 2015, as part of the now defunct (and truly missed) Soundwave Festival, where they also had the chance to play some sideshows alongside Godsmack.

Thanks to Cooking Vinyl , we had the chance to get in touch with the band’s leading guitarist Jerry Horton, in order to find our more about the tour, their latest album ‘Crooked Teeth’, and much more.

SR. You guys are finally hitting Australia for a full headline tour. What can fans expect about it?

JH. Yes, it took way to long, but we will finally be there with our own production. We were there for Soundwave, and we did play some sideshows, but our own headline shows are a totally different thing, as we can have a longer set with more intensity and also our own lighting effects, which brings something extra.

SR. What do you remember about the Soundwave tour, and how do you feel about the festival being over due to so many issues?

JH. We had a blast at Soundwave, and it’s a shame the festival ended. I don’t really know why all went that way, but from my own experience, it felt like a world-class event.

The energy at the festival was intense, and the crowds we saw around Australia were one of the most insane we have ever seen.

SR. While on the Soundwave tour you guys shared the spotlight doing sideshows with Godsmack and they were crazy good!

JH. Thanks man. We had a very good relation with the guys of Godsmack, we have toured together many times, and the fact we were able to do something in Australia was a good chance to showcase our music a bit more than in the short time the festivals allow you.

We played smaller venues, but the crowd made us feel like if we were in full packed arenas.

SR. Papa Roach’s latest release Crooked Teeth has been gaining a lot of praise, and for many is the band’s biggest comeback. What do you think was the key to make this album stand out against previous releases?

JH. This time was all about remembering who we were as a band, we took our time to write good songs and do things a bit different. For example, all the writing for the album was made on the spot at the studio, and it was a very cool team work process, as it allowed us to constantly talk about the music we wanted to do without external distractions. The energy was always there, at the studio, so when we recorded the album it did not sound too rehearsed at all.

“…suddenly when the record fully hit hard, the crowds were bigger and crazier, so we ended sharing the main stage with the likes of Green Day and NOFX…”

We also were lucky enough to work with these amazing producers Colin Brittain and Nicholas Furlong, who were like 10 years younger than us, so they brought a fresh take and a different energy. Those guys were superb, as they made us to remembered to ourselves when we just started doing music.

Before, we worked with big rock producers, and despite learning a lot from them, the whole experience usually was like working for your dad, as they pretty much told us what to do and how to do it, cutting our creative freedom a bit.

SR. What’s your favourite track of Crooked Teeth?

JH. It’s hard to pick one, but I like “Born for Greatness”, which is a bit surprising, because the song is a bit poppy.

SR. You guys had the chance to invite the likes of Machine Gun Kelly and Skyler Grey to contribute in a couple of your songs.

JH. Having guest musicians we look up to was something we spoke in advance and we always wanted to do. We went to this awards and we saw Machine gun Kelly there and we talked about doing something for our new album and he really wanted to do it, that’s how he quickly got involved on “Sunrise Trailer Park.”

Skylar was different, as we have been wanting to work with her for a while, but due to scheduling conflicts was never possible. This time all worked out, as we had the song “Periscope” ready to go, but after listening to it we felt something was missing, especially because the song’s meaning, so we agreed a female voice was needed, and thankfully Skylar this time was available, so she did her part and send it over to us. We just loved it!

SR. Let’s go back to 2000, Infest was released, and the song “Last Resort” starts to play everywhere world-wide killing every single chart. What do you remember about it?

JH. It was mental, because I think the album was like 2 months out when the song started to play on the radio but never imagined what the song would do to us a s a band, because we went to play at Warped Tour and we were on the earlier schedule, playing during the day on the smaller stages, and suddenly when the record fully hit hard, the crowds were bigger and crazier, so we ended sharing the main stage with the likes of Green Day and NOFX.

It was absolutely unreal to see like 130,000 people jumping and singing your songs in full force.

SR. Going back to the Australian tour. Are you guys the type of band who changes the set between shows, or keep the same set list with a mix of fan-favourites?

JH. We don’t normally change the set, because as I mentioned, we are bringing our own set of lighting equipment, so it is hard to change songs. However, our set as you said is a mix of old classic and new tracks, and the energy will be bigger than the previous shows we have played in Australia. People is gonna love it, as we, as a band are ina very cool place now, and that is reflected in our live performances….It will go off!

SR. As a musician touring the world, and sharing backstage at festivals I’m assuming you have had the chance to meet some of your heroes backstage or at least seen them from a prime position side stage.

JH. I’d, however, there are many of my idols I don’t wanna meet at all, because I might freak out, and I really don’t want the whole experience be forgettable…I really don’t wanna be bad you know.

For me, somebody like Kerry King from Slayer is somebody I wanna have in a pedestal my entire life, he is one of my favourite musicians, but would not like to meet him and, you know something go wrong, like me saying something stupid or catching him in a bad moment and ruined that special moment forever…Still, we saw Slayer very close, and seen somebody like Dave Lombardo and Kerry super close is something you cannot forget.

I saw the guys of Lamb of God very close as well and they were intense, out of this world. We also got to meet the guys of Metallica once, and they were the nicest people, super humble, and the fact Kirk Hammett spoke about us in a magazine is enough of a dream come true for me.

SR. Just to finish. What’s your favourite our funniest tour story?

JH. We were playing with Alien Ant Farm, and back in the day it was a tradition that near the end of the tour you have to play pranks to the other bands. So we were pranking the opening band, right before Alien Ant Farm’s set.

During those days, we used to have like a full type of uniform to go on stage, you know like black stretched uniform we used to wear. What we never expected was to see the Alien Ant Farm going on stage with those same uniforms and they started to act exactly like us, and Dryden (Mitchell), even went as far as talking exactly like our singer Jacoby.

We were shocked, as they took the whole show away from us, and poor Jacoby had nothing to add during our set, so he had to improvise every single bit in between songs. It was scary and funny at the same time. They really got us…and we will hopefully have the chance to take revenge someday (laughs).


Papa Roach 2018 Australian Tour

Thursday, 18th January
The Tivoli, Brisbane
Tickets: Official Website

Sunday, 21st January
170 Russell, Melbourne
Tickets: Official Website

Monday, 22nd January
170 Russell, Melbourne
Tickets: Official Website

Wednesday, 24th January
Metro Theatre, Sydney
Tickets: Official Website

Thursday, 25th January
Metro Theatre, Sydney
Tickets: Official Website

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