Imminence are bringing a change to a turning tide in the metalcore scene. The Swedish rockers dropped their latest album This Is Goodbye late last month after two years in the making and have also just signed to label Arising Empire, so the sky is the limit for these boys! If you’re missing those old-school emo vibes you definitely need to check them out!

We were lucky enough thanks to John from Nuclear Blast to get to chat to lead singer Eddie Berg about the album and it’s influences!

SR: How would you describe Imminence in a sentence?

We are an emotional bomb, I think [Laughs], made from many different sounds.

SR: Your latest album “This is Goodbye” took over two years to put together where you seem to have stemmed from your Nu/Emo roots with an infusion of heavier rock tracks. What was the influence behind this album?

We have a lot of influences. The first one was kind of going back to the music we grew up on; the 2000’s and emo era of alternative rock. One of the first albums I ever bought was Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory and you can hear they are a big influence on this album. Chester [Bennington] was one of the reasons I started singing when I was a teenager. But we have also been influenced by popular music and some newer bands of course.

SR: Do you have any favourite tracks?

The single we just dropped Diamonds  is one of them, for me. Also Up is another one of my personal favourites. It was the last song we wrote for the album and the one that was the fastest one to write and probably the most fun to record.


SR: You did just say about your new single Diamonds, how are you feeling about the single being released?

I feel really, really good. I don’t have any expectations, I’m just enjoying the ride right now. We’re really happy with the response we’re getting from the new sound and the new songs. I’m just really excited hearing about what people think.

SR: You produced your album yourselves, what was the decision to do it yourselves instead of bringing in a producer?

That’s a half-truth. We were producing it ourselves, and writing the album ourselves as a band. But when it came to the stage of recording we used a Synth producer and have also been working with a vocal producer to build up the arrangement and song structures.

SR: You seem to take a lot of bands as inspiration like Bring me The Horizon, but is there anyone really obscure that you might take inspiration from, that your fans might not know about?

It;s really hard to say, I like a lot of of different kinds of music. I’m really into pop music at the moment. Sometimes you just pick out some stuff that you thought was really cool from an artist.

One of the later influences of the album might have been Twenty-One Pilots or Yelawolf. Ed Sheeran has also been a bit of an influence, maybe not a direct one, but he is one of my favourite artists that I have been listening to for a while now.

SR: Aside from the metalcore tracks you produce, you also have a lot of acoustic and instrumental tracks. Do you think it’s important for Imminence to have diversity in their music?

I definitely think it’s important as songwriters to have diversity and develop ourselves. There is nothing that is so scary or exciting when you’re trying something new, and feeling a little bit out of your comfort zone. That’s what is fun about music for me. Just trying not to become some sort of routine.

SR: You recently signed to Arising Empire, how was that experienced as a band?

It’s been really great. Arising Empire has been doing a really good job for us and especially now with the new album release. The Nuclear Blast team is also really excited about the new album and is pushing it really hard. We feel that is the right sort of confirmation to who we have chosen to sign with.

SR: Any plans to come to Australia soon?

There is no plans, but of course, in the long term we want to go everywhere!

SR: Song you wished you’d written?

In that sense, I don’t really wish to have written another artists song. I’m a huge fan of other artists but I think it’s really important to stand for what you’re making yourself. I’m an admirer but I would not want to write someone else’s song.


This Is Goodbye out now!

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