By Jonathan Matthews

Escape the Fate will be coming to Australia this coming week to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their classic album This War Is Ours. They will be coming here to play a collection of their music over the years including new songs off the recently released album titled “I Am Human” as well. We caught up with Craig Mabbitt, the bands front man for a chat about it all…

SR. So you’ve got the ten year anniversary of ‘This War Is Ours’ coming up. You’ve had heaps of great songs over the years, but you’ll be coming over to Australia soon to celebrate that album, are you looking forward to it?

It’s crazy that it’s been ten years since that album, it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. We’re really excited to be going to Australia. My first ever tour with the band was in Australia, and I love going there every time. It’s going to be very nostalgic and a lot of fun going back to that album.

SR. You’ve also got a brand new record, ‘I am Human’, how has that one been going so far?

Everything’s going really well with it, we’re really excited and hopeful for the future. The album has been well received, all the dates we’ve played over here with Papa Roach have gone well, the crowds have been loving it. Our single ‘Broken Heart’ is going really well and people are liking the video. It’s getting played on the radio now and it’s making its way up the charts, which is a great sign. This is a really great time for us as a band.

SR. You’re going to be touring over here with Awaken I Am and Between Kings, have you played with either of those bands before?

No. We’re looking forward to it though. Our tour manager for this tour manages Awaken I Am too, and we’re looking forward to getting to know those guys and having a fun time on tour.

SR. Will you be playing This War Is Ours back to back on the tour, or will you be mixing it up a bit?

The plan is to play the album front to back, and then we’re hoping to play some of the new stuff too to kind of premiere it. We’re excited for everyone in Australia to hear what we’ve been working on. We’ll also slip some classics in there too, I’m sure. The good thing about headlining the show is that you don’t have to stress about time too much, we can just take it by ear and play what the crowd wants. Every show will be a little different.

SR. What did you think of the crowds last time you were in Australia?

I don’t think we’ve ever had a bad show in Australia, it’s awesome. The crowds over there get pretty wild and they really get into it, it’s always a fun time.

SR. How do you think your sound has evolved in the time between This War Is Ours and you new album I Am Human?

I’d say time is really the key factor. People are always growing and changing, and so does the sound of a band. I think this album is more mature, but we still stayed true to our roots. Something we did differently was not put a massive guitar solo in every single song *laughs* There are still some great solo’s though. That’s something we may have overdone in the past, not every song needs a solo.

SR. Do you have a favourite city to play in Australia?

Every city is our favourite city to play in Australia to be honest.

SR. Do you have any crazy stories from your previous Australian tours?

We were at Bondi beach one time, and we climbed over this railing onto some rocks and a cliff facing the ocean. We had some booze with us and a little bit of smoke, and we just sat on the cliff for hours. The view was amazing, and the clouds looked really cool with the planes from the airport going in and out. We sat there all night and talked about where we had been and what we’d done together, and where we wanted to go, just watching the plains and admiring the view. It’s not really a crazy story, but it’s a super memorable one that means a lot to us, we still talk about it all the time. We have those crazy nights sometimes, but then we have times like that when we just have really nice moments together.

SR. Have you got a favourite song to play from This War Is Ours?

From This War Is Ours? I dunno. When it comes to old songs, it’s always great when people are singing them back to you, so whichever song has the most of that on a night is my favourite. Personally, I just love performing. There are some songs that have come to me naturally as far as vocals go, and I enjoy playing those ones because they feel natural to me. I love being on stage, and if the crowd is into it, I’m into it.

SR. You released a music video for the song Broken Heart which features a girl singing and dancing along to the song in the shower, did you have much involvement in that video yourself, and was there something that inspired that theme?

Yeah, I usually have a lot of involvement when it comes to the concepts and ideas for our music videos, we even have one that I directed. I first started having really heavy involvement with the music videos after ‘Ungrateful’ was released, so when this one came up, the same director, Frankie Nasso, contacted us and sent us a concept he had in mind. The idea was simple, very poppy, just a girl singing along in the shower. The idea was the video would start looking more and more like a pop video as it goes on. She was going to be streaming a song on her phone, singing along, and then lights and stuff were gonna come up, and it was gonna be like she was on the stage performing the song, then the song was going to end. I liked that idea, but I thought it needed something more. They wanted the song to be playing on the phone because a lot of people stream music these days, it’s relatable, and I thought, okay, but what if we were actually inside of the phone? I got the idea from another music video I saw where the band members were all inside this cube that was bouncing and moving around, so I thought the phone could kind of be like that cube. So anything that she did affected us in the phone, when she splashes water, we got wet, when she blow dries her hair, we’re all getting blown away, when she drops the phone, we all fall over. That idea really got our creative juices flowing, and I think the video turned out really cool.

SR. Do you have any advice for young kids starting out as musicians?

The best advice I could give it to be persistent. Persistence, confidence, and believing in and loving yourself are so important. You need to believe that you can do it. When you’re playing a show, people are looking up at you, and even I get nervous sometimes, but you don’t need to get nervous. As long as you work hard and you’re persistent, you’ll get somewhere eventually, don’t give up.

SR. That’s some great advice. Have you got any final messages for you fans in Australia?

I’d just like to say Thankyou for all of the love and support over the years, we’re very excited to visit you guys again and create some amazing new memories.

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