Comeback Kid are a staple band for any hardcore fan being around since the days of early New Found Glory, AFI and At The Drive-in. With the release of their 6th studio album just last week, if you’re looking for new wave nostalgia vibes, Outsider is for you.

Thanks to John Howarth from Nuclear Blast Records we were lucky enough to get the chance to talk to founding member of Comeback Kid, Jeremy Hiebert about the album!

SR: Your new album ‘Outsider’ is being released early September. Can you tell us a little bit about the album?

Well… it has 12 songs on it. We have 3 guest’s vocalists on it; Devin Townsend, Chris Cresswell from The Flatliners helped us out on a song, as well as the artist known as Northcote helped us out on some vocals on one song. They definitely have all of their unique sounds and they definitely contributed in a very positive way on those three songs that they sing on.

Musically I think its sounding like nothing like our last record, but at the same time could also be a continuation from the last record. Not too far off the path but still that CBK sound that is constantly evolving.

SR: What does Outsider mean for you?

For me? For me personally as an introvert I’ve always felt like I was on the outside of everything

But I think collectively; we just have this vibe and sound where we never really have fit in to a certain slot- which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because we fall under the “Hardcore” category but, I also don’t really see us as your classic straight up hardcore band. So, we are a little awkward. We’re not afraid to tour with other bands whether it’s a bit more pop or a little heavier, we are always down to mix it up.

SR: fave song?

The first song that we dropped probably, that being Absolute. My reasoning for that would be just because that breakdown at the end of the song is a little 90’s / Metallica/ Hardcore bit and I’ve had that in my back pocket for over a decade and I just never had an opportunity to use it for like a side project or something. I never had intended to use it for CBK but I was writing the song and it just came together. I was just so happy to let it see the light of day finally!

SR: Speaking of Absolute which you did with Devin Townsend. Already having previously worked with him on a different project, but how was working with him on your own work for him to put his spin on it?

The hilarious part about that is that to have Devin on the song was never part of the program until we started to lay down the vocals and it wasn’t until we got to this one part and we were like “hmmmm… you know who would sound cool on here?! Devin.” [laughs]

So, we sent him a message, and at first, he didn’t seem all that interested but he was like “send me the song I could like to hear it” and he really liked it and wanted to put his take on things. So, he never came into the studio with us at all, and him being the studio genius he is just sent us all these files with all these different ideas with permission to use whatever we wanted. So yeah, we put in what seemed to make sense and it all came together because it seemed like when Andrew was doing his vocals he was almost channelling Devin.

SR: Over the years Comeback Kid have been staggered to find permanent band members, but somehow, you’ve managed to keep your sound true to its roots. Has CBK stayed true to your original plan as the founding member?

Well I think we’re into the extra innings now because I never thought that we would’ve around this long. I guess we have stayed true because we have always set out to make music that we wanted to listen to. With the record coming out and everyone being really happy with how it sounds, yeah, even with the line-up chases we’ve stayed true, that included having our sound evolve throughout each record.

SR: You play music, we know this, but do you have any weird quirks, collections or hobbies that your fans might not know about?

Well you know what, about a year and a half ago I became a dad and that has sort of consumed that part of my life that was “me time” now it’s like it’s “Jack’s time”- that’s my hobby… it’s my everything. Even when it came to writing for this record, it was so hard to find the time to just be by myself with my guitar and my thoughts and get that down. Having a child consumes so much of your time not because it has to, but because you want it to.

I have so many weird things going on in my life, I used to run a lot and did marathons and what-not. But I don’t have the time to get back into training just yet. Not really a quirk but a hobby [laughs]

SR: If you had to choose one of your songs to name your biography, what would it be and why?

Oh boy, that’s a good one! I wish I had 5 minutes to think about that [laughs] I appreciate the creativity now!

Maybe our first record Turn It Around. I think that in a lot of ways have sort of been my personal life as well. The way I grew up and the person I am now I turned a lot of things around. I grew up in really religious, really fundamentalist, really strict upbringing and I carried some of that into my 20’s and what not. But the beauty of hardcore was that I got challenged a lot, just within the scheme and challenging myself.

I’ve made a lot of huge changes within my ethic and things like that, as well that I have had had to turn it around. But that sounds really lame now I’m saying it out loud [laughs]

SR: Any song in the world you wished you’d written what would it be?

Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin. It just has this ability to shift without these awkward transitions.

Outsider out now

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