Thanks to Oz Comic-Con, we had the chance to have a chat with the always lovely Clare Kramer ahead of her visit to Melbourne on June 9-10 as part of the all-star line-up of the 2018 version of Oz Comic-Con.

SR. Hi Clare. Thanks a lot for your time. It’s great chatting to you again….we actually meet years ago at another convention here in Sydney.

CK. Thanks guys, I appreciate the time, I love talking with you too.

SR. You are working in a new film named Cradle Robber. What can you tell us about it?

CK. Wow, actually we have just finished filming that. The film is about a woman, played by me, whose daughter is taken by an older man, and she needs to demonstrate to her daughter that the man is not really who he claims to be…It’s a thriller, and I really enjoyed shooting it.

SR. You have been lucky enough to host so many panels and interview amazing artists. Can you tell us about your favourite ones?

CK. Hard to pick favourites. Alice Cooper, was definitely one of my highlights, he is such a legend, very interesting to talk too, he reads and knows a lot about everything. I remember chatting to him before his Super Christ Superstar appearances and was such a fun chat. He really has so many stories to tell.

The cast of Harry Potter is always fun to chat to, same with some of the Walking Dead actors, especially Michael Rooker as I got to speak to him right before the first Guardians of the Galaxy film was released, so we geek out a lot about Yondu.

Gwendoline Christie of Game of Thrones was also amazing, she is such a lovely girl. Also I was so honoured to talk to Margot Kidder, who sadly passed not long ago. She was a huge women’s right advocate and mental health ambassador.

SR. And who is in your bucket list?

CK. That’s a hard one…I’d say George R.R. Martin. I got to chat to him at San Diego, and he was very cool. Would love to interview him.

SR. You have been named one of this year’s Oz Comic-Con ambassadors and panel host. What are you most excited about heading back to Australia?

CK. I love going there, people is super nice and they are huge pop culture fans, you guys really know your stuff. I’m very looking forward to see the fans, the cosplayers and also to hang out with the other guests.

It’s always great to see the real people behind so many fantastic characters. Seriously, I cannot wait to be back.

SR. What’s the most common thing fans ask you?

CK. Hugs (laughs), especially at panels…also shout outs to family and friends and working on Buffy and Bring it On!.

SR.  Obviously I need to ask you about your time in Buffy. But before that we need to know if the rumours of a Buffy reunion are true?

CK. Honestly, I don’t know nothing about that. They are, as you say, only rumours, but if it happens, I would be really happy to do it…count me in!

SR. With all the unnecessary remakes and reboots around. If sadly Buffy gets a remake, who would you like to see playing the role of Glory?

CK. Me! (laughs). It’s really hard to say…I really cannot think in any specific actress to take on the role to be honest.

SR. How was your first day at the set of Buffy?

CK. I was super nervous. I honestly had no idea how to work with cameras as I was used to plays. When I got on set, I just started acting and the cameras weren’t even rolling. However everyone was super helpful and nice to me, I really loved being part of such an iconic TV series with so many fans world-wide.

SR. Do you keep in touch with the other cast members?

CK. Of course, especially the girls, we are big friends. I always get in touch with Charisma (Carpenter), Julie (Benz), and Amber (Benson). I’m actually meeting with some of them soon for dinner.

SR. Just to finish. Any message for your fans ahead of Oz Comic-Con Melbourne?

CK. Thank you all…I’m super happy to be back and I’ll look forward to meet you all. Make sure you follow me on my social media channels, as I’ll be with my sister and she will be helping me out streaming stuff live from the convention and doing some behind the scenes videos. It will be so much fun!

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