By Jonathan Matthews

We had the chance to chat to Bjorn ‘Speed’ Striid, vocalist of the band “The Night Flight Orchestra”. We discussed their upcoming album titled “Sometimes the world ain’t enough” which is coming out on June 29th, we also discussed previous releases, upcoming tour plans, and the possibility of visiting Australia next year.

SR. The Night Flight Orchestra have a new album coming out soon called Sometimes the world ain’t enough, are you pumped for its release?

Well it’s coming out one year after Amber Galactic, and it’s our first record on Nuclear Blast. It’s very much a continuation of Amber Galactic. There are some twists and turns and some surprises for sure, but overall it’s sort of the same vibe as our previous record. We focused more on the eighties oriented keyboards, and a lot on percussion. It’s a solid album with some great tunes.

SR. With a year between the two albums, should we anticipate another album in a year?

Who knows? The thing is with this band, we never really leave the studio. There’s two producers within the band with their own studios, so we can record whenever we want to, it’s really a constant thing for us. I think we will end up doing a lot more touring for this album than we did for Amber Galactic, so we’ll probably end up writing on the road. It’s kind of hard to say. The next record will happen when the time is right.

SR. Have you got any plans to come to Australia?

It’s definitely something we want to do. We almost feel like we have an obligation to continue the ABBA legacy. They dominated Australia in the late seventies and we’d like to see success like that one day. Hopefully we can get to Australia next year sometime.

“…The titles of our records are related to the album covers. On Amber Galactic, there’s a girl on the cover who seems pretty curious about space, she holding a space helmet, that’s the introduction to Amber…”

SR. Amber Galactic was nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award for Hard rock album of the year, how did that feel?

That was crazy. We knew the album was special, but we didn’t know how people were going to react. We weren’t sure if they’d get it, or if they’d pass it off as a project by a bunch of metal musicians, because it runs way deeper than that. It was a surprise, I’ve been a musician for twenty years, and there’s been times I’ve been close, but I’ve never been nominated for the Grammiy’s before.

SR. How did the band initially meet and come together?

When David was touring with Soilwork as the session guitarist, we had the idea. We bonded very quickly over music, especially from the late seventies/early eighties era. At the end of the tour, we had the idea of starting up our own project, a band that captured that era. So we found the right people and started jamming together, and it was absolutely magical. We just kept going from there, and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

SR. You recently released a music video for your song ‘This Time’, I wanted to ask you about the meaning behind it…

‘This Time’ is about capturing the moment. This band has something very magical about it, something that we thought was worth capturing. It’s sort of the soundtrack for that. When we created the video we had a laugh, as I’m sure many people would have when they watched it. Despite that, it’s also about capturing something that we love on VHS quality, with that early eighties vibe. We had a lot of fun with it, and made it our own. We watched all of Rick Springfield’s videos before we shot ours, and we really love those videos, so we wanted our video to be something like that. It’s funny and you can have a laugh, but it’s also about something we love, it has a really nice balance. We thought we might as well have fun shooting the video instead of trying to do something super pretentious.

SR. Tell me about the title of the new album, ‘Sometimes the world ain’t enough’, where did it come from and what does it mean to you?

The titles of our records are related to the album covers. On Amber Galactic, there’s a girl on the cover who seems pretty curious about space, she holding a space helmet, that’s the introduction to Amber. On the new record, she’s got a space suit on and the helmet is on, like she’s made up her mind and she’s ready to go, because sometimes the world ain’t enough.

SR. Have you got a favourite track from the new record?

It tends to vary. I really like the last track on the record ‘The Last of the Independent Romantics’, It’s a surprising song that takes you on a journey, I had so much fun recording the vocals for that one, so I’d say that’s my favourite right now. I also really like ‘Moments of Thunder’, and ‘Paralyzed’.

SR. What did you do differently on this record, compared to previous records?

Not a lot really, since it’s a continuation of the previous record. We cut out the seventies sounding organs and replaced them with eighties sounding keyboards. It gave the record a new flare, and I think it really sticks out. We also worked a lot with percussion, you don’t hear a lot of classic rock bands with complex percussion, it really adds another dimension to the music.

SR. You’ve been given the nickname ‘Speed’ Striid, where does that name come from?

When I started junior high I was introduced to more extreme metal, particularly speed metal. I had this classmate who got a compilation tape from his older brother, and I always liked the really fast tracks. He got frustrated because I only wanted to listen to the fast stuff, so he gave me the nickname Speed Striid (Pronounced ‘Streed’). It’s as innocent as that, it’s got nothing to do with drugs or anything.

SR. Are there any common messages or themes that are conveyed through the lyrics?

There’s a lot of meanings in the lyrics, most of it is based on personal experiences. We take experiences from life and put them in a different setting, and the setting we’ve used is outer space.

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