From January 10 to 22, the multi-award winning Japanese group, SIRO-A, will bring their theatrical spectacular to Australia for the first time. SIRO-A are renowned for their mind-blowing performances that combine visual effects, mime, dance, comedy, puppetry and high-energy music in a spectacular feast for all the senses.

Taking the world by storm, SIRO-A has attracted millions of views on You Tube, sold-out shows across the globe, and wowed audiences with their appearances on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.

SIRO-A have been described by critics as ‘Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group’. The six performers utilise technology to create a visual spectacular including the latest video-mapping, light animation, laser effects and 3D video projections.

Thanks to our friends at Kabuku, we got our hands on an exclusive Q&A with director Cocoona. Check it out!



Director: Cocoona

What’s the best way to describe SIRO-A to the Australian public?

I can’t explain well by words! Please check our official YouTube channel out!

How important for you was the America’s Got Talent platform?

We learned about the differences between a stage show and a TV show.

We realise that the televiewer lose interest right away so we needed more rapid change. I think this was the most important element for the TV show.


Image by: Paul Brown

What’s the biggest challenge for you on every show?

To synchronize people and technology is most difficult every time.

The performers spend a lot of times to synchronize with projection mapping.
Have you ever had to deal with something that did not go according to plan during a show?

What did you do?

We have a lot of alternative plans when we face stage troubles.

Also we have had many experiences, so we could now fix it.

Looking back. How the concept of SIRO-A came to life?

Our concept is telling to audience about human’s power via technology.

The power is a thinking, physical and creativity of human.


Image by: Paul Brown

What Aussie audiences can expect from the shows?

You’ll have an exciting and unprecedented experience.

What is your personal favourite part of the show?

I like the last part of the show. At that very moment, performer and audience unite into one.


Any funny touring story you can share with us?

There is one of the member who often forget several stuff in the hotel, airport and the theatre. He lost a wallet, a laptop, a soccer ball, his backpack and more. We are always expecting that he will forget something next time.

WHEN: 10-22 January 2017
TIMES: 7pm on 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th; 8pm on 12th to 14th and 19th to 21st; 3pm on 15th and 22nd

The Concourse, 409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood
TICKETS: From $29. Available from Box Office (02) 8075 8111 or online via
SUITABLE FOR: Ages 8+ years
DURATION: 60 minutes 

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