Sydney’s The Hi-Fi was filled by old school rockers on Sunday April 27, as American heavyweights Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe alongside Australia’s Dead City Ruins, performed live as part of their co-headline United Rebellion Tour.

3-dead-city-ruins-sydney-2014Melbourne’s Dead City Ruins, who have been touring with Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe in Europe during this tour, opened the night around 8:30 pm in the best possible way,  with frontman Jake Wiffen moving across the stage like a true rock and roll virtuoso, alongside guitarists Tommy Teabag and Sean Blanchard,  Mick Quee on the bass and their bad-ass drummer Andy.

The fueled Aussie rockers blew everyone away, quickly winning over the crowd with strong tracks from their  brand new self-titled album “Dead City Ruins”, sharing a unique vibe that we have not seen in a while, with a stage presence that reminds us of the early days of Metallica.

It is really surprising that these guys don’t have a record label or a manager as they expressed during their show. After seeing them live for just a 30 minutes set, we can tell that they are Australia’s new rock & roll hidden jewel and they deserve to take a high spot within the industry as one of the best Aussie bands of the last few years. We’ll most definitely continue following their career closely.

23-skid-row-sydney-2014After a 30 minutes break, the lights went off and the first bits of Skid Row‘s “Let’s Go”, from the band’s new album United World Rebellion: Chapter One came to life, unleashing the mosh-pit in full force, with frontman Johnny Solinger proving once again why he is no longer the “new guy” of the band (seriously how can some people still say he is “new” after 14 years performing with Skid Row!), with great vocal skills and a friendly but strong stage presence, while former members Snake Sabo, Rachel Bolan and Scotti Hill gave the crowd what is expected from them, with flawless guitar and bass riffs that were perfectly complemented by Rob Hammersmith’s energetic drumming skills.

Skid Row‘s played a 15 songs set that covered their entire career, with hits including fan-favourites Piece of Me, 18 and Life, I Remember You, Pshycho Love, Slave to the Grind,  Get the Fuck Out , Monkey Business. However, the song that stole the show had Bass player Rachel Bolan on vocals, as he performed The Ramones’ all-time classic Psycho Therapy that he dedicated to a friend, in a show that ended with the iconic Skid Row anthem Youth Gone Wild, leaving the crowd absolutely in the Olympus of rock and roll.

32-ugly-kid-joe-sydney-2014At that stage the night could perfectly ended, but nobody moved from their spot as Ugly Kid Joe, made its return to Sydney after almost 20 years, with the band’s iconic singer Whitfield Crane doing what he does best, by going crazy during every song without losing his vocal quality at all, alongside band members Klaus Eichstadt, Cordell Crockett, Sonny Mayo and Zac Morris.

The band performed 17 songs including a mix of old school classics such as Neighbor and So Damn Cool with new tracks like Devil’s Paradise and even some covers  including Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Cradle (Featured on 92’s America’s Least Wanted) ,  Mothorhead’s Ace of Spades and even AC/DC‘s If you Want Blood right before closing the night after midnight with their timeless song Everything About You, closing a night that marked the end of the United World Rebellion Tour tour in our shores in a perfect way and proving that rock music is timeless.!

Enjoy some killer snaps from the show below:


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