Manning Bar was full of love on Friday night. It was a night of nostalgic feels and what a way to bring back some fond memories of Motion City Soundtrack‘s Commit This To Memory. There’s bands you simply cannot forget during your formative years and seeing as there was an age demographic of 20-25 in the crowd, you could tell that many people grew up listening to this band’s music.

o5Starting the night, Oslow used their time wisely by putting on a fantastic set for the crowd. Their sound influences stemmed from bands like Balance and Composure as well as Brand New, with frontman Dylan Farrugia‘s screamy vocals bringing a lively atmosphere to the crowd. After seeing them last year at La Dispute‘s show, it’s safe to say that their performance just got better with time and it was enjoyable to see some dedicated fans lose their minds when they played.

aia2Awaken I Am were an interesting addition to the lineup. Having music similarities to popular American bands like Sleeping With Sirens and We Came As Romans, they had energetic vibes that stormed right through the stage. Although their enthusiasm was sharp, this didn’t really resonate with the crowd well as opposed to the chemistry received from when Oslow did their performance.

mcs6When Motion City Soundtrack came to the stage, Sydney gave a warm welcome to the band. Going through their tracks in Commit This To Memory, they played each number so crisp and fresh that it sounded like the actual studio album but better in a raw sense. Although there was a glitchy sound that interrupted most of the set, their perseverance to get through each song was part of their job and they nailed each one without letting anything get in the way. The crowd cheered through tracks such as “Everything is Alright” and “L.G FUAD”, strengthening the ties of everyone in the room. Even if the lyrics weren’t as relevant to the band now, it was a timeless reminder of the legacy these tracks had for the Motion City Soundtrack’s fanbase.

mcs5Frontman, Justin Pierre had everybody in gaze as he sang each track with pure honesty, giving what the crowd wanted  – a night of escape from any troubles facing them right now. Keyboardist mastermind, Jesse Johnson was on fire and had so much infectious energy, playing the keyboards with the utmost enthusiasm. Record closer, “Hold Me Down” was another crowd favourite and you could feel everyone’s heart pulsating by its serenity and metaphorical lyrics. Indeed it was a grand way of saying, “My heart hurts but this song will get me through anything.”

It was clear that Motion City Soundtrack put on one of the best rock shows ever. With their anthemic hits and beautiful ballads, there’s no match for what they are as a band. Music is in their veins and they always take the stage with pride and joy. The adoration showered from the crowd on Friday night, leaving everyone with a cheesy smile as they left the bar. A night of nostalgia at its finest.

Enjoy some snaps of the show taken by our very talented photographer, Justice!


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