Rock and #&$@ing Roll! That’s the only way we can describe Steven Adler‘s final show in Australia alongside his band, Adler’s Appetite, on Saturday 26 May.

The doors opened at 8pm, and by then hundreds of fans were already lining up. Surprisingly the VIP queue was longer than general admissions, which only goes to show the love and impact the former Guns N’ Roses drummer has inspired for years.

The rock party started around 9, with Steven Adler and his mother Deanna hitting the stage for a Q&A hosted by Steven’s brother Jamie Adler. During the Q&A, Mrs. Adler spoke about the time she was branded as the meanest mom in the world, and also the struggles she had to face during Steve’s darkest moments. Steve on the other hand, spoke about the love he has for his former Guns N’ Roses bandmates, his favourite drummers, albums and a funny story involving Steven Tyler, a bus and some female fans.

After a short break, the time everyone was waiting for arrived, and the first tunes of ‘Reckless Life’ blew the small Sydney venue apart, making everyone feel as if they were in front of an old-school Hollywood Rose show. Tracks like “It’s So Easy”, “Night Train”, “Mr. Brownstone”, “Rocket Queen”, “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Paradise City” and, of course, “Sweet Child o’ Mine” were major highlights, all of them masterfully performed by frontman Constantine Marouli, bass player and actor Sean McNabb, guitarists Carl Restivo and Michael Thomas, and of course, “the happiest drummer in rock & roll”,Steven Adler.

Every song from Appetite was superb, songs like “You Could be Mine” and “Civil War” were extremely special for everyone, as those were tracks Steven was never able to perform officially with GNR.

Overall, a memorable night with one of the finest drummers in rock. Here enjoy some postcards from the show below:

Photos by Sergio Martin Photo. Copyright © Spotlight Report

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