Spandex, wigs, boobs, glitter, leather pants and a lethal injection of rock & roll: that was what Sydneysiders experienced on Saturday May 18 as Steel Panther took over The Big Top at Luna Park once again.

For the first time down under, the boys treated their “fanthers” with two different sets starting (sharply!) at 8:45 with pure steel Panther classics like Dead to All but Metal, Just Like Tiger Woods, Asian Hooker (with a fan on stage), Glory Hole and Girl from Oklahoma featuring a couple of girls from the crowd who selflessly shared their attributes with everyone.

After a 15-minute break, Steel Panther returned to show everyone what Sunset Strip gigs are all about by performing cover songs from other ’80s bands, including Motley Crüe’s Kickstart My Heart, Van Halen’s Jump, The Scorpions’ Rock like a Hurricane, a reggae take on a Whitesnake classic and Def Leppard’s anthem Pour Some Sugar on Me, with the stage packed with girls from the mosh pit. The covers were amazing and the band sounded as good as the originals, but it was Michael Starr’s imitation of Ozzy Osbourne performing Crazy Train that stole the show. It not only sounded amazing but was also hilarious.

Obviously, every Steel Panther show needs comedy bits, and this time was all about Michael Starr’s age (he was celebrating his birthday). This was reason enough for fellow band mate and ace guitarist Satchel to take the piss out of him, even reminding him about his past in a Poison cover band.

The show was finished with Party All Day in a high note, with the crowd surrendering to what probably was the best show of the boys have put on down under to date, showing the world (and some haters that claimed back in the day that every Steel Panther show is the same) that they are not only some of the best musicians in the scene but they can also reinvent themselves without losing their identity! No wonder they have been capable through the years of getting non-rock fans (especially youngsters) into rock music.

A must-see show! Enjoy some killer snaps by our ace snapper Sergio Martin below:

Photos by Sergio Martin Photo. Copyright © Spotlight Report

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