Entering the land filled with carousels, ferris wheels and clown-heads, Big Top, Luna Park was far from empty considering the queue that snaked along the amusement park. Be it the sparkly night and the exciting chatter from punters, three years was a fucking long time to see their favourite San Diego rockers set foot on stage. 2013 was Pierce The Veil’s last proper visit to Australia and considering how long it took to even get their fourth record Misadventures out, it’s already created so much impact for people in the last few months since they started touring the back of it.

There were a great bill of bands playing before the San Diego post-hardcore outfit ignited their presence to the Sydney crowd: Storm The Sky, Beartooth and Silverstein. All bands came from different musical backgrounds but they were there to entertain and make their music be heard. Hearing Storm The Sky’s frontman William Jarratt say, “We’re just a baby band from Melbourne” it was hard to accept this considering how the five-piece managed to rip open their hearts on stage with tracks like “Lilac” and “Medicine”. Though they only gave us a sample of their material, Storm The Sky were comfortable in their own naked skin.

Crazy and just downright terrifying (in a good light), Ohio band Beartooth were fireworks booming on stage. Frontman Caleb Shomo had so much energy that nobody could blame him for his sheer enthusiasm or his ability to eloquently say, “Lets fucking go. Don’t fucking move” to the audience of jelly bodies needing a wake up call. Having all those nostalgic feels come back to you even after seeing them last year at their Discovering The Waterfront Anniversary Tour, Canadian post-hardcore veterans Silverstein still came off as the same passionate and energetic individuals, bringing you the best live show possible.

The lights dimmed a little, and you knew first hand who was next on stage. Lead guitarist Tony Perry entered the room, opening his prized possession – his guitar. But where were all the others? Why was it all black and smoky? As soon as Perry started playing that magnificent, electrifying introduction of “Dive In” members of the band Jaime Preciado (bass), Vic Fuentes (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Mike Fuentes (drums) all entered the stage but only outlines of them were seen, creating a mystery only fans were able to solve.

“It wasn’t because they knew how to hold everything together during their set but it was that feeling of picture-perfect happiness where no camera or video could capture the essence of their live show.”

Finally revealing their faces with red lights dancing across the stage, it wasn’t long until the four-piece were belting out crowd favourites like “Bulletproof Love” and “Caraphernelia”. Confetti and smoke took over and Pierce The Veil were cinematic in their ways. It wasn’t because they knew how to hold everything together during their set but it was that feeling of picture-perfect happiness where no camera or video could capture the essence of their live show.  They say satisfaction isn’t guaranteed but the quartet prove that their talent is immeasurable on stage. As the night progressed, the energy of punters weren’t lifeless as bodies moved up and down within The Big Top venue.

Considering the huge amount of people waiting all day to get the best spot possible, Pierce The Veil fans were a dedicated bunch as they watched the four-piece tear the stage with their earth-shattering dynamic. There’s a moment in time where you think about the obstacles you’ve witnessed in your life; things that are seen as ‘Misadventures’ but the thing with Pierce The Veil is that you will never feel alone, you will never revisit those lonely pastimes because they’re there to remind you that you are alive, and that music lives within their veins forever. Pierce The Veil really showcased their brilliance with shades of red, blue, yellow and green; a spectrum of colours representative of the rainbow the band seemed to paint.

Playing “Kissing In Cars” acoustically was one of the highlights of the show. In dedication to one of their friends and their lobster for life (if you don’t get this reference, then why the hell aren’t you watching Friends), Vic explained how this song was originally released on Myspace [insert emo meme here]. Beneath all the screaming vocals and the aggressive, tight instrumentation, it was the perfect opportunity to keep the rowdy crowd in place; to relax a little and admire the beaming light which shone across the stage as this beautiful song was played.

In dedication to their friends of Hands Like Houses, “Hold On ‘Til May” made for a crowd treat. Being so used to hearing the acoustic version of the song, it was brilliant to see a full-band version of this number live. So much confetti and smoke filled the air with magic, and Sydney were just in awe by Pierce The Veil’s natural yet powerful aura. With jaw-dropping moves and just overall, a captivating presence, Pierce The Veil were able to flaunt their material triumphantly, while also keeping the gazes of fans intact. With every song, every chorus, every note, the band prove time and time again that they’re not afraid to put faith in their creativity with each show they do. It’s guaranteed that the San-Diego rockers will make sure you do not leave the room disappointed. With their free spirits, theatrics and atmospheric vibes, every show with Pierce The Veil is an absolute must-see. So what are you waiting for? Buy that goddamn ticket.

Our Photographer Christina Mishell captured the moments of the night. Check out the Photo Gallery below!

Storm The Sky



Pierce The Veil 

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