When you begin to wonder how the lock out laws impact the bustling city of Sydney, you’d think it’d never existed if you hit up your local pub/intimate venue like Newtown Social Club. Newtown; the suburb with cheeky little diners, restaurants, and a great vibe for those wanting to chill somewhere that wasn’t the city. I don’t think there’s a lot to say about what Saturday night was, nor will I forget the way Melbourne up-and-comers Ceres did to my heart. All I know was that I walked outside of the venue with my heart feeling full; something I hadn’t witnessed in a while.

Humbling locals Crusch and Barriers both had a lot of energy as they dove right into their live set. Awkward in their small talk, their energy driven by alternative rock tunes gave off decent first impressions for those that weren’t too familiar with their music. Not only that, they showed passion for what they did, making the Sydney crowd feel more at ease, enjoying the half-empty room while more people filled up the space of the room.

I was pretty impatient though and I just wanted Ceres to come and light up the stage. Being the first time I had ever seen them live, I was imagining how they would sound like. I knew they were going to be amazing but actually witnessing a whole set was what floored me til the very end. I remember ordering my vinyl as soon as their brilliant sophomore record, Drag It Down On You came out and having the physical copy meant I could gaze and admire those tunes from start to the finish. But seeing their live set meant I could see the reactions of people, the facial expressions of Tom Lanyon as he sang every lyric of every painful memory he has witnessed in his life. It was like reading someone’s diary with their consent; trusting you in every way to be kind and sincere to their unapologetic feelings and concerns. The everyday thoughts that would bubble in your head from time to time.

As Ceres belted out tunes like, “Happy in Your Head”, “Choke” and ” ’91 Your House”, there were chills that could be felt in the room. Not only was their stage presence captivating, it painted a clearer picture to who they were as a band; a band never fearful in bringing their guard down completely. Any band can do it gracefully but Ceres lived up to the hype of Drag it Down On You, even more so in their live set. Graceful and delicate, they delivered “Spinning Wheel” and “Nothing On Your Soldiers”, bringing an uplifting yet nostalgic atmosphere to the table. Most people that came along to the show were singing along with each other, and the communal spirit that existed among Newtown Social Club that night was unforgettable.

We sometimes forget to appreciate the simple things and that’s what I loved about Ceres that night; they were simple yet delivered each song with fiery passion. Simplicity is a beautiful thing because why should you overcomplicate something that can be done naturally? You can be simple and still make people feel something – anything and that’s what Ceres can do to anyone. They help you realise that you need to leave your regrets at home and enjoy the presence of your mates while singing along to emotional tunes with a couple of hundred people in the same room as you. I don’t think you can get simpler than that but Ceres accomplished a hell of a lot on Saturday night.

Considering the current affairs at the moment and feeling Trumped over the U.S Elections, I can tell you now, seeing Ceres for a night can make you forget about the bad stuff that’s happening in the world. They make you feel thankful that you’ve experienced a whole lot of sadness, happiness and all other kinds of emotions in life. They help you realise the importance of telling a story and delivering it in the best version possible. Each minute with Ceres feels short but you appreciate every moment you get with this band. They make you feel at home, regardless of where you are, even if the size of the room reminds you of your nan’s flat. It’s so easy to look past all the important details but for Ceres, every detail counts. Mindblowing and incredibly talented, they’re a band that effortlessly makes you smile, even if your world is crashing down. In a world filled with clichés, Ceres just know how to stand out no matter where they are and that in itself is a band worth seeing.

Drag It Down On You is available now through Cooking Vinyl Australia / No Sleep Records