The night opened with Resin Moon, an enthusiastic, spirited one-man band styled in a white lab coat, ripping up feet moving, synthy dance beats to an otherwise laid back early crowd. With a solid set of original tunes, Resin Moon also did an impressive rendition of Daft Punk’s ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’, with the use of a talk box that could of fooled anyone into thinking Daft Punk was in the house.

Turquoise Prince followed up with a DJ behind the desk spinning rhythmic beats for a braggadocious front man, vocalizing saucy antics while pacing up and down the front of the stage. Starting off a little shaky, his confidence grew as the set went on and so did the crowd, where in no time, he performed to a sea of bopping heads. Self proclaimed as “lyrically shredded”, his cocksure rhymes preoccupied with drinking, getting undressed and “devouring” women, had the crowd hooked. His onstage persona was nothing short of entertaining, as he comically pointed out that he was wearing his own t-shirt and encouraged people to get up and “fuck with” his “shit”. This onstage presence made it effortless for him to get the crowd chanting “LTC get it in ya”. Turquoise Prince certainly got the party started.

Boo Seeka carried on this party, bounding onto the stage with a full bottle of wine and a string of throbbing synths, syncopated beats and keyboard effects that sizzled up the crowd. This being the first show of the tour for the electronic duo, the band made sure to let the crowd know they were humbled to be performing to a sell out crowd and promised them a more thoughtful show, which they’ve never previously done. This set the crowd alight, and for the rest of the night, there was not one person not bobbing their heads or waving their arms around. Performing their crowd pleasing songs ‘Turn Up Your Light’, ‘Does This Last’ and ‘Kingdom Leader’, Ben Gumbleton’s vocals were certainly a highlight of the set, as he overpowered his own guitar and engaged the crowd with every song.


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