Sydney has been looking forward to Architects return since they played with Bring Me The Horizon at the Hordern Pavilion back in September. This was very much confirmed by the Metro Theatre virtually at capacity by the time the first support hit the stage at 7:45pm on a Tuesday evening.

Triple J Unearthed competition winners and Sydney locals Arteries took to the stage and blasted the Metro Theatre with their intricate style of metal (think: Dillinger Escape Plan). With both guitarists on 8 strings and the drummer’s immense technical skill, unfortunately they weren’t the best fit for the mixed crowd that evening. Every member of the band gave it their all from start to finish, absolutely killed it and certainly made an impact. They closed with their new single Conversation Killer from their debut album out mid-2017 which will be one to look out for.

Ocean Grove arrived and the room went off immediately; much like their career as of late. Their debut full-length album The Rhapsody Tapes was recently Triple J’s feature album and reached #5 in the Aria Charts in its first week. Uniquely, this young band recorded, engineered, mastered and mixed the album all in house; a fact lead vocalist Luke Holmes is clearly very proud of as he tells the crowd. The set is like a Nu-Metal comeback mixed with a massive party. Ocean Grove clearly love what they do and bounce around with the active crowd. Luke admits he had knee surgery 2 weeks prior to their performance but that in no way impedes his ability. Running Touch has a strong input with the band and the booming bass samples add so much to their tight production. The crowd did not stop singing for the whole 40-minute set; Ocean Grove are clearly loved and continue to go onwards and upwards.

Architects. One word that, in the metal community, stands for solidarity, hope and yet despair, togetherness and just raw explicit emotion. Managing to squeeze their lasers, strobes, smoke, CO2 cannons and technical wizardry onto the stage of the Metro was no mean feat but they did and man, was it something to witness. Opening with Nihilist, they blew the Metro wide open. The absolutely epic, raw emotional power of Sam Carter’s vocals is something to behold and his delivery, along with the lyrical content is physically and emotionally stirring. Architects speak of a world that is broken and pillaged and a population that have stood back and allowed this to happen. This truthful concept fits perfectly with their monumental lighting show which just has to be witnessed. Technically, Architects are absolutely faultless and their show has clearly been designed to be completely immersive with the musicality there to reinforce their underlying message.

Architects are a passionate band in many ways, not least in their performances. Their consistent vocal support of conservationist movement Sea Shepherd and veganism instils their passion in others as they seek to create a better world; they are not just a simple metal band.

Returning back on stage to perform an encore of A Match Made In Heaven and the emotionally charged tribute to their late friend, bandmate and song writer Tom Searle, Gone With The Wind, the band took a moment to reflect. Absolutely blasting through the set with such power is clearly therapy for the guys and complete silence went through the venue as Sam clutched his microphone stand for support and began to speak about Tom. He only managed a brief few words whilst tears rolled down his face; the whole Metro Theatre with him and the band in that shared moment. Sam spoke about opening up the diary of songs Tom left and it is clear why they play with such visceral spirit every night. The song and its lyrics rocked everyone to the core and the whole room sang along at the top of their lungs; those 4 short minutes moved everyone old and young.

Architects epic performance and production cements the fact that they are not just another metal band but have stories and emotions to share with their fans and friends time and time again.

Photos by Christina Mishell Photography, © Spotlight Report

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