On Friday 8th August 2014, brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, best-known as HANSON performed live in front of a sold out Enmore theatre as part of their Anthem World Tour 2014.

Enjoy some photos of the show below:


  1. Fired Up
  2. I’ve Got Soul
  3. Where’s the Love
  4. Scream And Be Free
  5. Thinking of You
  6. You Can’t Stop Us
  7. On and On (acoustic)
  8. Weird (acoustic)
  9. Too Much Heaven (Bee Gees cover) (acapella)
  10. Hand in Hand (Isaac solo)
  11. Get So Low(Zac solo)
  12. A Song to Sing (Taylor solo)
  13. Juliet
  14. You Never Know
  15. Tragic Symphony
  16. Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
  17. Waiting for This
  18. A Minute Without You
  19. Penny & Me
  20. Give a Little
  21. MMMBop
  22. Get the Girl Back
  23. Something Going Round
  24. This Time Around
  25. In the City


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