Thankfully Thursday evening’s weather saw a cool breeze come through to ease Sydney’s 39 degree week as things were going to be sweaty inside the Hordern Pavillion.

Alexisonfire have returned to Australia on a headlining tour after their 2012 ‘Alexisonfire farewell tour’ and have been welcomed with open arms after their hiatus.

Bringing with them 3 support acts saw an early start to the evening but people were happy to arrive early in anticipation for the headliners.

The Dirty Nil and Behind Crimson Eyes played to a relatively small crowd who were milling around preparing for the main act. They were both received well with lots of energy and interesting beats and music which had Alexis fans who hadn’t heard them before moving around- a difficult feat for such a strong headliner.

Melbourne’s The Getaway Plan were 3rd on and certainly have matured and grown from their early Emo days. They were energetic and brought a good show with lots of energy. Matthew Wright’s strong and dynamic vocals really make for an interesting show. They are another band who have reformed after a break up and have also recently released an independent record – a huge achievement in the current music climate. Unfortunately, they may not have been the best choice to warm up for Alexisonfire as they are just too far from the main act, genre-wise. They got the crowd moving, however, when they played ‘the song’ (Where the city meets the sea) which was good to see as they worked hard on stage.

The anticipation for Alexisonfire was huge and the atmosphere was electric. They opened and got straight into absolute bangers with an unbelievable amount of energy and buzz. The crowd responded and the room absolutely lifted – singing and moving along like they were back in their youth. Alexis were not there to mess around and smashed out hit after hit from favourite songs across 5 albums. There was no time to chat between songs (17 of them in total!) and each song rolled well into the next. You could see how much passion they put into the performance and that this set was truly ‘for the fans’.

They held the stage like they were old high-school friends and all had an equal part to play in the masterpiece – there was no favouritism to everyone’s favourite Dallas Green (who crooned beautifully throughout). His vocals are notoriously heart-melting and had the crowd in awe.

Bassist Chris Steele’s pink t-shirt writing matched Wade McNeil’s fluro pink hair and the two of them ran and spun around the stage continuously. The short moment they took to catch their breath was taken by McNeil genuinely, and humbly professing his adoration for Sydney as their second home.

George Pettit’s shirt was ripped off early on in the show and he was continuously thrown replacements from the crowd which he happily put on and immediately ripped off again. He was euphoric for the whole performance which saw his microphone stand suffer a break in not one but two places towards the end of the set.

The crowd at the Hordern certainly appreciated the passion and emotion on stage and left sweaty and happy with certain anticipation and hope of a new record from the Canadian greats.

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