Twenty One Pilots Drop New Video Against US Politics

Grammy Award winning sensation, Twenty One Pilots, has released the second video and single for their forthcoming, much anticipated Trench album, and it’s calling for the youth of today to rise up against brain washing politicians.

The video takes place in a dystopian universe where’ old masters’ are seemingly enslaving the youth of the world leading, inevitably, to an uprising.

Developed for the latest track, Nico And The Niners, the premise of the new video continues from the recent release of Jumpsuit that depicts the ‘capture’ of the lead singer as a rebellion group look on.

The second video takes off from where the last one ended – with the lead singer seemingly held captive in a prison of his own making, while the rebel group make plans to usurp their masters and free their cohort. It also gives us more insight into the sinister motives of the druid resembling sinister faction, and their attempts to control the youth population, in a not so subtle jab at American politicians (we’re looking at you Donald). Both videos have a very Hunger Games, Divergent and Maze Runner feel to them so the fact that they are a series is not entirely surprising.

In fact, the idea of a series of interlinking videos with one overarching ideology seems to one that is prevalent in music right now. We’ve only just posted about a series of videos from The Amity Affliction that is also exploring creating a series of videos that tell a complete story, with modern themes also being the basis (in that case sexual harassment and how it has been around for decades but it’s only now that people are taking a stand).

To date, the videos from Twenty One Pilots in the series have amassed an incredible 24m plus views on YouTube and the songs, 30m streams on Spotify.

Trench is the follow up album to the Grammy Award-winning duo’s 2015 LP, Blurryface. The album achieved Platinum status in Australia and spawned hits like Tear in my Heart, Ride and the five times aria Platinum certified, Grammy Award winning Stressed out.

The duo are planning on celebrating the release with a HUGE world tour from the 16th October starting in America before heading to Australia in December. For ticket info go to the Twenty One Pilots web page.

Have a look at the two videos below and check back with Spotlight Report for when the next one lands, and to find out if the plucky gang of youths can overcome their evil old masters and save the world.