Australia’s most intensely brutal band Thy Art Is Murder unleashed their fury through their new album Holy War late last month, and it is almost faultless in this 10 track release, with the powerful melodies and strong vocals throughout, it is a non-stop musical ride in your ears, whilst at the same time punching you in the throat, then serving you a cold glass of truth. Thy Art Is Murder is just such a tight unit who keep improving with every release, especially through their technique.

Absolute Genocide is the first track that doesn’t mess around, jumps straight into business and gives listeners just a taste of what this album is going to bring forth.

Title track Holy War has been making waves throughout the music scene since its release. The hard hitting controversial lyrics matched with the catchiness of the chorus, compiled with devilish vocals, and then finished on top with the spine tingling riff makes for one delicious track, one of their best yet.

Fur and Claw is an epic track which brings the listeners back to an older deathcore feel with the opening riff and blast beats throughout the beginning of the track and it has one of the sickest guitar solo’s we’ve heard from recent music in such a long time. This song just makes you feel from the pit of your stomach, kind of a bittersweet feeling

Final track Naked and Cold gives the perfect finish to this record as it slows down the audience a bit, but still doesn’t take away from the harshness of the track.

Australia should feel lucky to have these talented blokes reign from here, with singer CJ Mcmahon being one of the most highly sought after artists in the deathcore scene at the moment. Even if you’re not a fan of the band or genre, it’s not hard to respect pure talent.



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