Three Convincing Reasons Why You Should Listen To Punk Trio Cable Ties Right Now

Photo Credit: Danny Cohen

Melbourne punk trio Cable Ties have been making waves with their music after releasing their self-titled record a few weeks ago on May 26 through Poison City Records. It’s stunning to see how many people have learned about them in a short amount of time, already impressing listeners with brutally honest songs like “Say What You Mean” and more. As we watch the world slowly crumble away, it gives us the satisfying feeling that there’s still good punk music to listen to when things go south.

Still not convinced? We give you three of our best reasons why Cable Ties is a band worthy of a listen…

They released a kick-ass self-titled record last month

Their self-titled record is filled with riffs, rough vocals and a thirst for all things punk. Not only that, but the trio have an incredibly diverse sound. With lush bass lines in closing track “Wasting Time” or angsty-driven number “You Can’t Hold My Hand”, Cables Ties’ music is powerful as hell – keeping you on the edge with each song. It isn’t so much about the musicianship itself, but the context of some of the songs too. Cable Ties make fierce music, putting their own stamp of power and uniqueness to punk.

Lead singer Jenny McKechnie has incredible vocals

Wow, I mean McKechnie has a voice of magic. There’s so much soul in how she sings – it’s obvious her burning passion is there. Going from highs and lows, her ability to switch between vocal ranges is impressive. Her voice is screaming but with integrity and a sense of liveliness that is rare to find in punk bands nowadays. You can hear her sing from miles away and it’s powerful enough to break some china. Jenny just wants to be heard – she wants you to keep listening.

Female representation in bands is important

Let’s not forget how important this is, please. Female representation in bands isn’t common, but it doesn’t mean it should stop you from making music as a female. Yeah, the music industry is a sausage fest in terms of how many male-dominated bands there are, but it’s also great to know that it’s possible for us females to pick up a guitar and start a band. Females are not limited to only being Pop singers, and that’s where Cable Ties come in with two of the members being female. Punk music is for everyone – it’s not exclusive to just one gender.

Get tangled up with Cable Ties. Their music rules.

Cable Ties’ S/T record is out now through Poison City Records 

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