Stevie Scott Talks On The Top Five Releases Influential To Deafcult’s Debut LP ‘Auras’

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If you haven’t heard of brilliant shoegazing/rock band Deafcult, then what are you doing with your life? Since the release of their magnificent debut album Auras, it’s been a wild ride for the Brisbane outfit, earning rave reviews from media publications and receiving an outstanding response from people far and wide.

With some top quality songs such as “Summertime” and “Stars Collide”, the energy coming from Deafcult is a magnetic force, ready to pounce on you any second. Their songs bring chills to your spine in a good way – spellbinding in its emotional integrity. Ahead of their upcoming Australian tour, vocalist Stevie Scott was kind enough to share with us the Top Five releases influential to the writing and creative process behind Auras and some interesting memories that came along with it.

1. My Bloody ValentineLoveless

It seems almost too obvious to include this but it would be contrived not to. An old friend of mine gave me a mix tape with Loveless on Side B. I was obsessing over Daydream Nation at the time and I think he was sick of me putting it on when he came over. Right from that snare roll and screeching guitar, I was hooked. As far as I’m concerned, this is the greatest record ever made. It’s super hard to put into words why it’s so good. You either feel it or you don’t.

2. Stone Roses – Fools Gold 7″

Sometimes everything just falls into place at the right time. For me and my high school friends, this was the perfect amalgamation of everything we loved. The beat was right, the baseline was perfect and the drugs heightened all of it. We borrowed the same sample of the “hot pants” break that the Roses used for the beat on our song “Here Be Death”. 

3. White WallsWhite Walls

The first time we played with White Walls was around the time we started making Auras. They have a sound that is so unique. There are three of them and it sounds like they have more members than us – they are so huge sonically! The songs are dense and they feel like they are suffocating you but in a really beautiful way. They write the sort of songs you wish you had written.

4. The Jesus and Mary Chain – Never Understand 7″

I grew up in a small village on the east coast of Scotland. Half way through high school, I started making the trip to Edinburgh on a Friday night. I was hanging around with an older crowd at the time and on Saturday nights we would always – without fail – drink a couple of bottles of Buckfast each and then end up at the art school student bar. The DJs were great.

Everything from The Smiths and Joy Division to The Specials and Gloria Jones. This was where I got my first taste of the Mary Chain. Never Understand always felt special. There was an element of “this band belongs to us” – the dance floor always erupted when this song came on, people dancing and jumping around, cans of Red Stripe flying everywhere, strangers making out. It was life affirming. The combination of a perfect pop song covered in noise and feedback will do that to you I guess.

5. Beach Fossils – What a Pleasure

When we were recording I got into a real rut psychologically. This album summed up the mood. It inspired me to get better and got me through a particularly dark moment. Beach Fossils opened their record Clash the Truth with a Sex Pistols guitar line so I decided to quote some of their lyrics on our record to pay homage to a great underrated band.

Check out Deafcult’s “Summertime” below!

Auras is out now via Hobbledehoy Records. Read our review of the record HERE 

Catch the band live on these tour dates below!

Deafcult Australian Tour 2017

Saturday July 15 – Crown and Anchor, Adelaide w. Horror My Friend, Blush Response and Pony Tail Kink
Sunday July 16 – John Curtin, Melbourne w. White Walls, Lowtide and TV Haze
Friday July 21 – The Brightside, Brisbane w. Pleasure Symbols, Ultra Material, Spirit Bunny, and Tall Pines DJs
Friday August 4 – Red Rattler, Sydney w. Sounds Like Sunset, Skullsquadron and Egoism,
Saturday August 5 – The Hamilton Hotel, Newcastle w. Safe Hands, Jen Buxton & The Slaughterhouse Five, Obat Batuk, and Post Truth

For more information, check out the band’s Facebook page HERE

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