Spotlight Report Top Picks #8

Featured Band: Waterparks*

While it’s still a little cold in Australia, we’re slowly welcoming back the dresses, the shirts and anything to suit semi-hot conditions in Spring. We’ve got a mixed bag of tunes rounded up this week, curated for your listening pleasure. Check them out!


Being under a new moniker, Frank Iero has brought on his talents once again with his raging and noisy single, “I’m A Mess.” With the rawness and feel presented in his previous release Stomachaches, there’s a polished-feel that can be felt from this song; the invigorating vocals seems to find its way to your ears, making you aware of the chaos life has for you. With eclectic drums and guitar sequences, complementing Iero’s powerful vocals, “I’m A Mess” is a time-bomb of a song, which speeds through your brain like a rocket ship. Iero’s new record Parachutes will be released October 28 via Vagrant Records/Cooking Vinyl Australia.

Beach Slang – “Atom Bomb”

Pennsylvania’s punk-rockers Beach Slang have done a brilliant job with their latest earth-shattering single, “Atom Bomb.” With its vintage-like features, the music video captures two teenagers – young and in love. Though they are misfits, they somehow prove they belong together. “Time Bomb” does not cave in too easily and it’s unapologetically honest and punchy. The single is taken from the band’s upcoming record A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings which will be released September 23 via Cooking Vinyl Australia.

Between You & Me – “Cavalier”

Next month, Melbourne’s pop-punk outfit Between You & Me will be touring with Sydney’s With Confidence and UK’s Roam, which is huge news considering how both bands are signed to Hopeless Records . Showing an earnest sound with such fluffy-like melodies, “Cavalier” is one of those tracks you keep on loop for ages. This single has some solid tuning between the guitars and the bass, while the drums add a great texture to the sound dynamics of the band. Frontman Jake Wilson also has some vocals that will bound to make you swoon, with such hopeless romantic lyrics to complement them too.

The Comfort – “Your Heart”

Brisbane’s dynamic duo The Comfort show compassion and a heartfelt tune in their latest single, “Your Heart.” Shimmering brilliance in their atmospheric presence, with killer guitar riffs and passionate vocals, there’s a rare energy that magnetises their captivating sound of alternative rock. They have a solid influence from Hands Like Houses while also combining some post-rock elements similar to band Caspian. With the release of their debut EP Love just yesterday, The Comfort successfully cement some stunning material, encouraging change and power to keep your heart open.

Jake Davis – “So Le Me Go”

Having influences by pop icons such as One Republic and Maroon 5, Jake Davis shows a catchy feat with his latest single, “So Le Me Go”. The Los Angeles musician shows soul in his music, with electronics fitting his indie tendencies. After playing to 30,000 people at the Twilight Concert Series, Davis isn’t afraid to hypnotise your earholes with something groovy to jam to.

Waterparks – “Stupid For You”

Forming in Houston, Texas, pop-punk champs Waterparks have channeled a lively rhythm in their luscious single, “Stupid For You”. Showcasing the concept of going back to square one with someone you’ve had feelings for, the three-piece have some solid influences from Forever The Sickest Kids and Fall Out Boy. Waterparks show a likeable presence in their music, with rhythmic poppy flavoured guitars and a dosage of charisma in their music. “Stupid For You” comes from their debut record Double Dare which will be available November 4 via Equal Vision Records.

*Photo Credit: Heather Phillips

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