Spotlight Report Top Picks #5

Featured Band: Yellowcard

August is going real fast but let’s enjoy the fact that today is Friday! If you’re inclined to get some new music in your earbuds, this week’s column will have you raving over some of the gems we have here. Check ’em out and go wild, people!

Our Past Days – “Graves”

Our Past Days have been killing it since they started surfacing on the Internet thanks to their recent signing to Greyscale Records. The Sydney-based punk/emo outfit have released another stellar single titled “Graves”. With its high-energy, effervescent tones and incredible melodies, excitement can only be felt for their upcoming debut record Keep Safe. This LP will be coming out next Friday September 2nd so keep your ears and eyes open for it!

A Foreign Affair – “Awake”

Sacremento-based five-piece A Foreign Affair released a solid track titled “Awake” last week. Already making quite an impression, this number proves to encompass quality sound progression within the experimental/post-rock outfit. Frontman Alex Strobaugh hits all the high notes and has a fierce, energetic presence in the music video. While they may be a small band, they have channeled a raging fire that has lead them to where they are now. If this is the sound direction A Foreign Affair are going towards, it won’t be long until this five-piece become a household name within the scene.

Breakaway – “Restart”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from these guys but Sydney-based pop/rock band Breakaway are back with their new single “Restart”. Nailing down those perfect synths while also using some subtle electronic elements, the five-piece show a recharged version of themselves. Going into a similar sound direction as New Empire, there’s some lovely nostalgic vibes happening here. Taking a break from their earlier heavy material, we see a band progress with an incredible soft side to their music. Breakaway will also be doing a National tour starting next month. Details can be found HERE.

Balance and Composure – “Postcard”

Imagine being hypnotised while also floating out to sea – that’s what you feel like when you’re listening to Balance and Composure’s “Postcard”. Last week, the folks at Pitchfork released the video for this solid single by the Philly-based alternative rock/indie quintet. With its eerie vibes coming through, it has a naturalistic approach to the band’s musicianship while also uncovering a mysterious demeanour.

It’s reminiscent of Radiohead‘s Kid A and OK Computer records, having invigorating aesthetics while also putting through some gloom-ridden tones. Balance and Composure will be releasing their third record Light We Made on October 7 via Vagrant Records / UNFD.

Taking Back Sunday – “You Can’t Look Back”

Emotionally-driven and still encompassing those same feels found in their earlier records, Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want To Be, Long Island’s Taking Back Sunday have released a new track titled “You Can’t Look Back”. Highlighting an important message to not dwell in the past while also still being open to love, “You Can’t Look Back” revels the kind of song where you just want to do everything for that one person.

You can definitely hear the quality elements of guitar and drums used, complimenting Adam Lazzara’s compelling vocals. While Taking Back Sunday have been heavily associated with emo nostalgia, the five-piece continue to further progress themselves as musicians while also maintaining the roots that made fans love them in the first place. Their seventh record Tidal Wave will be available on September 16 via Hopeless Records / UNFD.

A Day To Remember – “Bullfight”

Floridian metalcore pop-punkers A Day To Remember have gone back to their roots in their sophomore record For Those Who Have Heart. Still maintaining that same raucous feel we’ve known to love from the band, there’s a different energy that looms in “Bullfight”. Though it’s slow-paced, A Day To Remember still maintain a fresh and authoritative voice.

Considering the amount of obstacles they have had to overcome, the five-piece remain true to their aggressive roots and still manage to execute that niche metalcore and pop-punk sound that has made them highly successful. “Bullfight” is taken from their upcoming sixth record Bad Vibrations. It will be available on September 2 and will be distributed by Epitaph Records.

Somos – “Eternal Yesterday”

Boston-based four-piece Somos have had a huge year so far. It’s crazy to believe that their sophomore record First Day Back was released six months ago, and even then, there’s more opportunities that have lead their way ever since. There’s something bittersweet found in “Eternal Yesterday”. It makes you think about the days where things were simpler, it makes you think about the people that have left your life, it makes you think about where you are now.

Still having those wonderful shoegazing elements and a rare authenticity within their musicianship, “Eternal Yesterday” proves to be a stunning masterpiece that delves into the thoughts of any person in their 20s; a comforting take to life’s confusion while also having that same feel of nostalgic bliss all at once.

Yellowcard – “The Hurt is Gone”

Listening to “The Hurt is Gone” holds a lot of contradictions. With Florida-based band Yellowcard announcing their breakup in June, the four-piece stunned many people with the news. We didn’t see this coming nor did we feel like it was their time to end their career so “The Hurt is Gone” is a poignant reminder that even if one door closes, there will always be one that opens; holding all your hopes and dreams into reality.

Echoing such brilliant pop-rock melodies and highlighting frontman Ryan Key‘s strong vocals, this number will live on in people’s hearts. Let us remind you that Yellowcard in no way made a decision that was easy but at least they’re going out of the world stronger as ever. “The Hurt is Gone” represents closure to our darkest days and having hope for what the future will hold for us. Yellowcard’s S/T record will be available for release September 30 via Hopeless Records / UNFD.

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