Spotlight Report Top Picks #4

Featured Band: The Menzingers

There’s some great tracks curated in this week’s edition of our Top Picks column. With Touché Amoré’s new track, it’s nothing but feels with the perfect balance of heavy. Another stunning pick is the captivating new number by The Menzingers; a treat for all lovers of punk. So many more awesome tracks can be found within this article, with most coming from all different kinds of genres. Go listen to them with an open mind.

Touché Amoré – “Palm Dreams”

Californian post-hardcore band Touché Amoré are as quiet as La Dispute. When it comes to the promotion of their music, you never really know what’s going on with them unless you keep yourself up-to-date with their music, and if you’re subscribed to the Epitaph Records YouTube Channel. “Palm Dreams” is an emotional banger and frontman Jeremy Bolm is experimenting more with his clean vocals which is excellent to see. This song is off their upcoming fourth record Stage Four and it will be available on September 16 via Epitaph Records.

ADJY – “Praepositio”

I remember browsing through YouTube channels one night and I came across this stunning band ADJY on Triple Crown Records. With their math-rock vibes and fast-paced instrumentation you appreciate the drumming so much more from “Praepositio”. ADJY are so refreshing to listen to and their entire EP Prelude (.3333) is one of the most cohesive records you could ever stumble upon. There’s no feeling like it when you come across music that makes you feel amazing and this release is a perfect example of that.

Set It Off – “Life Afraid”

Being one of the best bands out, Floridian band Set It Off have had their fair share of challenges but that doesn’t mean they’re not in the game of music still. Flourishing with such lovely pop melodies, there’s a vibrancy found in their latest single “Life Afraid” that’s very rare to find in your usual pop songs. It’s heartwarming and it’s like a welcome note to everything and anything that seems to be exciting in your life right now. Set It Off will be releasing their third record Upside Down on October 7 via Equal Vision Records.

The Color Morale – “Clip Paper Wings”

Nailing those metalcore and post-hardcore elements in their music, Illinois’ The Color Morale are making their mark once again with a positive and encouraging song, “Clip Paper Wings”. I remember seeing them live and I loved the way they were able to pull off a set, showing off their strengths and underrated resilience when pumping out their tracks live. This is an absolutely stunning track and in terms of musical direction, frontman Garrett Rapp has taken the reigns of using his clean vocals more and we’re so glad he’s done exactly that. Their fifth studio record Desolate Divine will be available on August 19 via Fearless Records.

Normandie – “Collide”

Can you think of anything else that’s Swedish without thinking of the furniture company IKEA? No? Well feast your ears on this as post-hardcore/alternative rock band Normandie are a band you should keep on your musical radar right now. Electrifying with the right amounts of intensity, “Collide” proves to be one of the best, atmospheric tracks you could ever come across. If Normandie toured with Hands Like Houses, it would be one of the best tours ever made. Well done to InVogue Records for signing these guys. They should be everybody’s favourite up-and-coming band right now. Their debut record Inguz is available now!

The Menzingers -“Lookers”

You know those moments where you reflect on how far you’ve progressed as a person and remember those integral parts of your life that have lead to where you are now? That’s how I felt when I first listened to “Lookers” by The Menzingers. There’s so much that comes through with this song, and even though you do get quite nostalgic and emotional listening to it, it makes me regret not having looked up this band earlier. They remind me so much of The Gaslight Anthem and Jimmy Eat World combined; always having substance in their lyrics, always picking the right melodies and just executing each song to perfection. This is by far, one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year by the Pennsylvania punk band and I can’t wait until they release more.

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