Spotlight Report Top Picks #3

Featured Band: Sylar

In our newest edition of our Top Picks column, we introduce to you some bands ranging from punk rock to ones rising to the top of the metalcore scene. We are loving the Linkin Park vibes coming from Sylar while also having a newfound appreciation for Better Things, reminding us so much of The Swellers. Be sure to check out all the new tracks below!

Beach Slang – “Punks In A Disco Bar”

Philadelphia punk-rockers Beach Slang are taking over the world with their infectious tunes and just overall, outstanding sound within the genre. Last week, the outfit released their new single “Punks In A Disco Bar” off their upcoming third studio record A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings, which will be released next month September 23. The song itself has solid musicianship and really creates a raucous, punk feel with its short-length yet booming instrumentation of noisy guitars, perfectly tuned for frontman James Alex‘s raw and powerful vocals. The music video captures teenagers walking around, sipping alcohol and smoking cigarettes, encompassing their reckless attitude and their overall lack of responsibility. Some have said that the video is like watching an Urban Outfitters ad with another person adding, “You might see them in a Sofia Coppola‘s movie”. Either way, this track is an absolute banger that’s good for the soul.

Our Past Days – “Too Much, Too Soon”

Punk rock/emo band Our Past Days fuel your heart with the goods as the boys released their first single “Too Much, Too Soon” off their upcoming debut record Keep Safe (out September 2 via Greyscale Records). The number is an emotional and slow-paced track, highlighting the raw feel while revealing the vulnerable state the band have positioned themselves in. Compared to what we saw in “Bloom Where You’re Planted”, which was infectious and catchy, the five-piece have chucked a Brand New with this one; it’s heartbreaking and downright fucking amazing.

Better Things – “Stick That In Your Juicebox and Sip It”

I saw this music video around 2am in the morning on a Sunday night and to be honest, it was one of the weirdest and funniest things I have ever seen in my life. Punk rock/emo band Better Things shot this music video with a smartphone (as you do cause punk rock) making lego figurines looking exactly like the band members. Forming in Burlington, Vermont, Better Things have channeled a sound that is a similar to bands such as The Swellers, The Get Up Kids with a hint of A Day To Remember (except there’s no chugga chug breakdowns here).

“Stick That In Your Juicebox and Sip it” is an absolutely stunning track, emphasising the emotional, raw feel the four-piece have managed to create. Being so honest with their words and showing some solid chemistry in their musicianship, this track will make you feel nostalgic while also pumping up some goodness in your heart. This single is off the band’s upcoming debut record Getting Worse which will be released on August 19.

The Pretty Reckless – “Take Me Down”

NYC’s The Pretty Reckless are – in my opinion – one of the most underrated bands within the alternative rock scene. Coming across their music in 2010, it’s refreshing to listen to their new single “Take Me Down” off their upcoming third record Who You Selling For (available October 21 via Razor & Tie/ Cooking Vinyl Australia).  Channeling a chilled, alternative touch to it, the song proves to be catchy as hell. Frontwoman Taylor Momsen (known for her acting roles in Gossip Girl and The Grinch) has amazing vocals in this one with a raspy tinge to it, suiting the band’s overall musicianship as well. Momsen has pretty much chosen music to be her full-time career and we’re very glad she did. Seeing how far the band have come since the day they released “Make Me Wanna Die”, it’s exciting to see what The Pretty Reckless have cooked up next for us.

Of Mice & Men – “Real”

Californian metalcore titans Of Mice & Men have managed to surprise us again with their outstanding latest single “Real”. With the song only having clean vocals, Of Mice & Men have proven once again that they’re not afraid of experimentation at the slightest. Austin Carlile and Aaron Pauley showcase amazing vocals in this one, making it one of the more emotional tracks the band have ever released. The guitar riffs, drums and bass all perfectly match up to each other, creating this slow-paced and breathtaking track. “Real” is off their upcoming fourth studio record Cold World which will be available on September 9 via Rise Records.

Sylar – “Dark Daze”

An up-and-coming band you should keep your eye is NYC’s Sylar. Combining nu-metal vibes to their metal/hardcore sound, the band have showcased a refreshing take to their latest single “Dark Daze”. With the band being fresh fruit to the Hopeless Records label, Sylar make their mark by creating music which is heavy but at the same time, something a mainstream listener can listen to, making that transition to heavy music a lot easier. “Dark Daze” encompasses clean vocals while also having a bit of rapping too and you can immediately tell how much of a Linkin Park influence this band have taken on board. Their sophomore record Help will be available on August 26 via Hopeless Records. We can only expect exciting things for this band.

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