Spotlight Report Top Picks #14

Featured Band: Hands Like Houses

It’s getting to the end of the week and you’ve felt like you ran a marathon. Whether you’re working a full-time job with long hours or trying to find “balance” between your day job and some freelance work, it’s always a good thing to unwind with some new tracks, while sipping a cup of tea or coffee (but let’s be real, coffee is the clear winner here).

Let’s dive in this week and show you the best songs we’ve discovered so far!

Sam Clark – “Out of Reach”

Getting the best of both worlds, Sam Clark is an actor as well as a talented Australian Pop musician from Adelaide. Clark makes soulful music, showcasing his ability to hit those notes in his latest single, “Out of Reach”. This song is clearly about love – the feeling where you’re in disbelief you were lucky enough to be with someone who shares the same feelings as you.

Clark has managed to place himself as no.1 on the ARIA physical singles sales chart and has been in the Top 40 on the ARIA chart success. He also recently managed to star in Emmy Award-Winning Grease Live. Being a man of many talents, we’re excited to see Clark’s career take off – either in acting or singing. Also, did you notice that some of the people in this music video are from the Australian teen drama Dance Academy?

Deafcult – “Summertime”

Brisbane alternative outfit Deafcult are talented and full of vitality. There’s something exhilarating and atmospheric about their newest single “Summertime”. Showcasing a dreamy and shoegazing feel from the guitars and mellow vocals, Deafcult have similar influences to The Cure and Turnover.

We’re excited to see this band make waves around the country as they have a unique and diverse sound – a new discovery for those wanting to expand their music taste on the alternative side.”Summertime” is from the band’s upcoming debut record Auras, which releases on June 30 through Hobbledhoy.

Hands Like Houses – “Drift”

Some fans are very confused that Canberra rock band Hands Like Houses have changed labels – from being on Rise Records and now to Hopeless, we couldn’t be happier! “Drift” is the band’s newest single and it’s filled with heavy riffs, creating an underground balance of hard rock and eerie vibes.

Trenton Woodley’s vocals are incredible and the production of the track is polished. Not only that, you can hear some unclean vocals too – seems like Hands Like Houses are finally going back to their roots, being fierce and unstoppable with their music. No album announcement has been made but we’re already stoked to hear more material from the boys…

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