Spotlight Report Top Picks #13

Featured Band: Life Awaits

We’re getting the Winter blues and it’s been raining so much this week, however, we’ve saved some energy to bring you three new tracks from bands we totally love as of lately. We’re gearing towards the alternative rock/post-hardcore sound this week, so let us know what you think!

Bilmuri – “Scar”

Formerly the clean vocalist and rhythm guitarist of American metalcore band Attack Attack!, Johnny Franck started a band of his own called Bilmuri. Though this project is all fun, there are some excellent songs Franck has managed to create, using his own passion and skills to create songs that either represent a shoegazing/indie sort of feel or going towards a post-hardcore direction.

Taking the piss out of YouTube titles (similar to what Jarrod Alonge does), Franck’s song “Scar” shows game footage of Runescape while the song plays in the background. God damn, it’s a beautiful track, creating an ethereal feel to it, similar to the likes of Turnover and Somos. For a fun passion project, Franck has proven that even musicians can just poke a bit of fun when it comes to music while adding a humourous touch to it!

All Time Low – “Drugs & Candy”

So, Baltimore punks All Time Low released their new record Last Young Renegade and it’s the seventh title the four-piece have managed to create. Moving forward from Hopeless Records to Fueled By Ramen, All Time Low have put forward a melancholic yet nostalgic touch in this offering. Mixing it up and really nailing that pop rock sound, older fans may feel mixed feelings towards the sound direction the band have followed, yet there’s something calming about this change.

“Drugs & Candy” is a catchy number, with a lush pop feel to it. It also has a sad undertone to it, making it a heartbreaking listen. Though All Time Low have moved on from their pop punk roots, Last Young Renegade is a decent effort, making room for new listeners to come on board with the band. The record is out now via Fueled By Ramen and was released on June 2.

Life Awaits – “You”

One of our favourite discoveries this year is Beijing alternative rock band Life Awaits and we’ve got to thank Dreambound for that. Releasing their debut record WAVES (We Are Vulnerable, Eager and Selfish) on June 3 of this year, the band show promise in their single “You”, uncovering a smoky and atmospheric feel to their music while having a perfect balance between the genres of post-hardcore and alternative rock. It’s obvious they’re a fierce and passionate band, already making waves along the Asian continent with their powerful music. We cannot wait to see what’s next for them in the future! Listen to their debut album in full via Bandcamp HERE.

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