Spotlight Report Top Picks #12

Featured Band: Broadside

We’re already nearing the end of Autumn, meaning it’s almost the start of Winter… brrrr. While you might be sobbing or rejoicing over the weather change, check out our some of the Top Tracks we’ve managed to discover in the last week!

Of Mice & Men – “Back To Me”

Earlier this year, Of Mice & Men‘s frontman Austin Carlile, announced his departure from the band due to his struggle with Marfan Syndrome and creative differences between the other band members. Though fans have been on their toes since then, clean vocalist and bassist Aaron Pauley has stepped up the game, taking over as the full-time vocalist. Already impressing listeners with his incredible vocals and hard rock direction found in the new songs, “Back To Me” has to be our favourite so far! While the band haven’t announced any news about a new record yet, we’re so excited to see Of Mice & Men release more passionate and energetic material in the near future.

Captain, We’re Sinking – “Trying Year”

Another great thing to come out of Scranton, Pennsylvania (besides The Office U.S) is punk outfit Captain, We’re Sinking. While it’s been a while since we’ve heard from these guys, it’s fantastic to see them launch fresh material and “Trying Year” is a song giving them a headstart in 2017. Fronted by Bob Barnett (Brother of Greg Barnett from The Menzingers), we see him flourish in his vocals, pairing it nicely within the solid instrumentation. Having a catchy beat while also uncovering such poetic lyrics, “Trying Year” is a song for those struggling the mid-20’s life and feeling the pressure of figuring shit out. Captain, We’re Sinking will be releasing their third LP The King of No Man on June 23 through Run For Cover Records.

Broadside – “Paradise”

From Richmond, Virginia, there’s a pop -punk band making waves within the alternative scene and if you haven’t heard of Broadside before, you’re definitely missing out. With their catchy tunes and charisma, what’s not to like from this fresh outfit? The four-piece recently came out with another single titled “Paradise” from their upcoming sophomore record with the same name. A song about living a carefree life and being thankful for everything positive coming your way, this one is for the optimists craving a pop-punk tune with a little inspiration behind it. Paradise releases June 16 through Victory Records.