Spotlight Report Top Picks #1

Need new music to fill your heart’s void? Good news as we at Spotlight Report are happy to introduce to you our Top Picks column. We showcase some impressive videos and music from some of the hottest bands such as Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, The Brave and many more. We’ve been overwhelmed by so much new music lately that it’s hard not to appreciate the bands who work their butts off to bring us such great material. Check them out below!

Alteras – “Could Ever Love”

Ohio Five-piece band Alteras released a sweet new single a couple of weeks ago titled “Could Ever Love”. Showcasing such an emotional and heartwarming track, it’s hard to not appreciate the simplicity in their honest songwriting and solid musicianship. With the deep-tinged purple, cinematic music video, you can see how passionate these individuals prove as they play their instruments. Listeners all round can appreciate the amazing vocals and post-hardcore feel to this track and that’s no lie! The band will be releasing their full-length record Grief on August 5th via Revival Recordings.

Columbus – “Raindrop”

If you by any chance are a massive Modern Baseball fan, you’ll definitely come to love Brisbane three-piece Columbus. Raw and brilliant in its textures, with songwriting that is pure and true, “Raindrop” is a melancholic offering, encompassing punk and alternative sound influences which sound so beautiful and comforting. It really is a hard-hitting single, recounting the tragedy of love and relationships. Big ups to UNFD for finally expanding their roster including bands like Columbus, putting a perfect balance to the heavy bands that already exist among the label. Columbus’ full-length record Spring Forever will be available for release on August 26 via UNFD.

The Brave – “Dreamless” (ft. Marcus Bridge of Northlane)

If you’re a fan of Bring Me The Horizon and Northlane, then you’ll definitely be digging the tunes of Brissy band The Brave. Last week the band released a monster of a track titled “Dreamless”; an atmospheric and heavy number showcasing a brilliant and lively sound from various influences such as Deftones, Architects and Linkin Park. It’s amazing to see how much high-energy the five-piece have already. Not to mention, Marcus Bridge of Northlane being such a perfect addition for the track because I mean, who doesn’t love his phenomenal clean vocals? The Brave will be releasing their full-length album Epoch on August 5 via UNFD / Rise Records. Stay heavy, guys \m/

All Time Low – “Something’s Gotta Give” (Live from Wembley)

It’s insane to think how much All Time Low have expanded their fanbase over the years. Having followed their career since the age of 14, I shed a tear sometimes and feel very proud that they have cultivated this amazing fanbase. Seeing this “Something’s Gotta Give” live performance at Wembley is something they have worked tirelessly for, and to be where they are now is an incredible achievement. As a reflection of their career, the band will be releasing Straight To DVD II Past, Present and Future Hearts – a documentary which will add just that little bit of hope for anyone chasing a dream. It will be released on August 26 via Hopeless Records so keep your eyes out for this one!

Pierce The Veil – “Circles”

In May, Pierce The Veil finally released their long-awaited album Misadventures and it’s incredible to see how much this record has resonated with their fanbase for the last few months. Despite the agony fans felt before its release (they waited four years for this), Misadventures was so worth the wait. “Circles” was a song inspired by the tragic events happening last year in France, particularly what happened during the Eagles of Death Metal concert. We live in a fucked up world but hey, listening to Pierce The Veil gives you that sense of escape when it comes to the horrible shit you see on TV. Even though this track is melancholy in its words, they made music video bound to make you smile and giggle.

Crossfaith – “Rx Overdrive”

After seeing these guys live at Soundwave Festival (RIP) last year, Japanese metalcore band Crossfaith really came through with a phenomenal, high-energy performance. Even though their live show would’ve easily put someone into a seizure (those blue lights, man), their musicianship and chemistry was flawless. Dropping their mini-EP New Age Warriors unexpectedly, fans have given a sense of appreciation on their nu-metal direction in their new single “Rx Overdrive”.

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