Redcoats – Self-titled debut EP Review

Hailing from Melbourne, the Redcoats are a four piece outfit drawing inspiration from Kyuss, Black Sabbath and Black Mountain. Their self-titled album recorded at Birdland Studios, hints more towards a band that has been playing for many, many more years than the Redcoats have under their belt. The album is a melting pot of elements from the 70s, 80s and present progressive rock bands encased in a style that is all their own.

The bands debut single Dreamshaker is a hedonistic mix of riff-fuelled awash with reverb and feedback with a lyrical topping just menacing enough to leave you unsettled but still wanting more.

Vocalist Emilio Mercuri has the ‘Leslie Speaker’ tone turned all the way up, whilst guitarist Neil Wilkinson, drummer Andrew Braidner and bassist Rhys Kelly rally themselves into an oblivion of sonic soundscapes and rhythms that grinds, sways and gyrates.

Redcoats Website

Their self-titles EP is out now through Island Records.

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