LAURA – Twelve Hundred Times review


LAURA are a 5 piece alternative outfit from Melbourne formed in 2001. Whilst the band has been through some experimentation in line up and direction of sound. The release of Mapping Your Dreams in 2004 was a breakthrough for LAURA as it garnered attention from independent radio stations around the country such as FBi Radio, 2SER, 3RRR and 3PBS as well as accolades from street press.

Now they have released their third studio album Twelve Hundred Times – staying true to their sonic wall of sound, and its dramatic and at times chaotic dynamics. The double A-Side release earlier this year of This Grey Earth and Mark This Day gave fans and critiques alike a taste, with Mark The Day being named ‘Single of the year’ by Beat Magazine.

The tracks collide between sparse, acoustic, alien, interwoven tones and shapes to sonic wail, digital implants, discordant resonances that jar and irate, please and soothe the listeners senses, elate and shock…seemingly all at once. Twelve Hundred Times is an album of androgynous pleasures!

Dark, moody and complicated, this latest release by LAURA is sure to leave a mark on all who here it.

LAURA – Twelve Hundred Times is out now through MGM.

Also check out the LAURA website for all upcoming tour news and information.

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