Thursday 20th of July brought a surprise announcement via Gang of Youths’ social media. The band is iconic in Australia for their powerful music and crowd banter. Thursday was no exception, and the band stuck very true to their reputation. A stunning acoustic performance from Dave and Joji, during their brief visit in Sydney at the newly refurbished Landsdowne Hotel. The gig had reached capacity before the doors had officially opened.

During the performance, lead singer Dave completely opened up to the audience. Discussing the many struggles he had faced in his life outside the band. The audience was completely silent as he spoke about how his depression and other personal issues had almost led to the band splitting on numerous occasions. It’s fair to say most of the audience was quite overwhelmed by his honesty – as the topic isn’t often discussed so openly, especially among men.

As well as their well-known classics, Dave and Joji showcased many of the new songs that the band had been working on. The show ended with “Magnolia” and “Strange Diseases” – the entire crowd was moving and singing in perfect unison. Belting the lyrics to the songs that are so loved. A truly climatic ending to a beautiful show.

Review + photo gallery by Lauren Parkin

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