LILAH follows up “debut of the year” with new single ‘Pushed Your Hands’

Ambient/electronic multi-instrumentalist LILAH is pleased to return with her sophomore single ‘Pushed Your Hands’. The follow up to her debut single ‘Hold Me’ released earlier this year, ‘Pushed Your Hands’ takes a darker turn for the Brisbane-based musician, and will be available on all streaming services on Friday 24 November.
Listen to ‘Pushed Your Hands’ on Soundcloud here and triple j Unearthed here. ‘Pushed Your Hands’ will be available on all streaming services on Friday 24 November.
Gloomy and lovelorn, ‘Pushed Your Hands’ grew out of the darkness of tortured love. Lilah’s desperate-come-empowered vocals sit abed layers of seductive strings, weaving ambient synth lines and romantic crescendos. Her stoic voice realises the calm after a tumultuous reckoning. She sings of a darker time, the struggle to remove herself from the overpowering force of tragic love.

Written on the couch of her Brisbane loft, Lilah has spent the last four years re-working ‘Pushed Your Hands’. Whilst deep in an experimentation with an electronic looped version of the song, Lilah reversed her lead vocal track hearing the chilling words “you need some help” harking back at her. As if a deep-seeded sign from her subconscious, she knew it was time to let the song into the sun and release it from this darkness. ‘Pushed Your Hands’ a strong and exciting follow up to Lilah’s August release ‘Hold Me’ which Project U called “one of the biggest debuts of the year”.

After growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Lilah – aka Zoe Ward – moved to Brisbane at 17 to explore her love of music. It was there she found her love for all things electronic and ambient, which quickly began to inform her song writing. Combined with formative influences from ambient and pop acts like Sigur Ros, Flume and The 1975, Lilah was born. Having previously performed under the moniker Indigo Daze, Ward was named an artist to watch by Tone Deaf alongside Gold Class, Yeo, Food Court, Baro, Friendships and more.

‘Pushed Your Hands’ will be released on all DSPs on Friday 24 November 2017.

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