Introducing: Seasons for Change

There’s a story behind every single band and Hong Kong’s Seasons for Change have an inspiring one. Heartbroken he had to leave Sydney, Australia due to personal reasons, which resulted in leaving his old band behind, frontman Kenta Mitsuhashi still maintained the right attitude and determination to stay in the music industry. Then Seasons for Change was born.

The five-piece are a collective band, full of brilliance in their atmospheric instrumentals within their airy, breathtaking single “Meteor”. With the right balance of rhythm in the drums and the guitars, the five-piece alternative rock band have proven that persistence is key to any dream. Signing a deal with Famined Records while also having an EP in the works, the band have already gotten the attention of new listeners with the magic of their booming sound. Seasons for Change are ready to take on the world. Seriously.

“Don’t let the judgement of others stop you.

This song is about pursuing your passions, embracing your freedom, and finding happiness in doing what you love.”

Listen to “Meteor” below!

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