Green Day’s new album includes Oz performance!

Australia will be represented on Green Day`s  live album, ‘Awesome As F@#&k’.

The band will feature ‘She’, live in Brisbane from December 8, 2009 is the 13th track on the album which is slated for a March 21 release.

‘Awesome As F@#&k’ contains performances from all over world including cities such as London, New York, Berlin and Montreal.

Check out the tracklist for Cd, Deluxe version and the Dvd:
CD (Normal edition)
01 21st Century Breakdown (London, England)
02 Know Your Enemy (Manchester, England)
03 East Jesus Nowhere (Glasgow, Scotland)
04 Holiday (Dublin, Ireland)
05 Gloria (Dallas, Texas)
06 Cigarettes And Valentines (Phoenix, Arizona)
07 Burnout (Irvine, California)
08 Pasalaqua (Chula Vista, California )
09 JAR (Detroit, Michigan August 23rd 2010)
10 Holden Caulfield (New York, New York)
11 Geek Stink Breath (Saitama-shi, Japan)
12 When I Come Around (Berlin, Germany)
13 She (Brisbane, Australia December 8th 2009)
14 21 Guns (Mountain View, California)
15 American Idiot (Montreal, QUE)
16 Wake Me Up (Nickelsdorf, Austria)
17 Good Riddance (Nickelsdorf, Austria)

01 Letterbomb (Chula Vista, California)
02 Christie Road (Hartford, Connecticut)

01 21st Century Breakdown
02 Know Your Enemy
03 East Jesus Nowhere
04 Holiday
05 Static Age
06 Gloria
07 Blvd Of Broken Dreams
08 Burnout
09 Geek Stink Breath
10 Welcome To Paradise
11 When I Come Around