Following the success of their previous release, ‘Sin & Bones’, Fozzy has made a triumphant return with their sixth studio album, ‘Do You Wanna Star a War’. This is a heavier release, on which the band has had the freedom of exploring and mixing different styles; and they’ve delivered some good rockin’ and kind of poppy songs that all work really well together. It’s no wonder that frontman and former WWE superstar, Chris Jericho, has famously referred to Fozzy‘s style as what would happen if “Metallica and Journey had a bastard child,” a description that could not been more precise.

The album opens with title track, ‘Do You Wanna Star a War’, a trashy rockin’ song featuring Fozzy‘s signature sound, and a new iconic opening that could become the new official intro at Fozzy‘s upcoming live shows.

The album continues with songs like ‘Bad Tattoo’, a special track written by Jericho himself (find out more about it in our Fozzy interview here), followed by the album’s first single, ‘Lights go out’, a more mainstream pop/rock song with a very catchy chorus.

Fozzy return to their roots on a new rock ballad, ‘Died with You’ – a song that could have easily topped the charts at the end of the 90’s. Moreover, the album takes a trip back in time to Fozzy‘s cover band days, as it features a cover of ABBA’s ‘SOS.’

Following their tradition of having a special guest on their albums, Fozzy teamed up with Steel Panther‘s frontman, Michael Starr, for the song ‘Tonite’, with Starrs doing some backup vocals on the chorus.

Purists might say that Fozzy is going too mainstream with this album, while die-hard fans will dig this new release, not just accepting, but probably applauding this new musical step in Fozzy’s career.

Overall, this is a solid and rockin’ album, and it’s no wonder it topped the iTunes Australian metal charts.

‘Do You Wanna Star a War’ – Is now available in Australia

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