Four Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Deadlights

Brisbane band Deadlights are on to great things. Yes, they’re a post-hardcore band but listening to their recent catalogue of songs, the talent they have is inspiring. They’ve molded a sound where they can be proud of, creating an outlet for expression within their energised instrumentation and intricate lyrics. They’re not just “another” post-hardcore band – they’re a bunch of passionate people creating art describing their story on how they got here. With their upcoming debut album, Mesma up for release this Friday, we’ve learnt some pretty rad things about them.

They’re Passionate About The Australian Music Scene

Being a local band and recently signing to heavy label Greyscale Records, Deadlights were unsigned for a couple of years and only took the plunge of signing to a label this year. Good labels are hard to come by and with Greyscale’s ever growing roster of heavy acts, Deadlights were naturally the perfect fit. Though the local scene in Australia is tight-knit and a little small, the band are just grateful that they’re able to play intimate shows where they can interact with fans in a small space. Screaming their lungs out while aggressively playing their instruments in a low-key bar are some of the little things, which make playing live music worth it.

They’ve Shared The Stage With Post-Hardcore Band Silverstein

Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein have been veterans of the scene for decades. From the moment they knew they were sharing the stage with Silverstein, Deadlights were ready to cherish that memory for years to come. Their upcoming debut album, Mesma is a refreshing listen, showing how much Silverstein has influenced them to get to where they are now. From Dylan Davidson‘s incredible vocals to the well-thought out guitar riffs and drums, Deadlights encompass all the elements you love about post-hardcore.

Their Producer for Mesma Was Guitarist Andy Marsh of Thy Art Is Murder

Being one of the most respected deathcore bands coming from Sydney’s West, Thy Art is Murder’s Andy Marsh managed to work with Deadlights for their upcoming record. Not only did Marsh share the same vision and contagious magnitude for these songs, but you can see the incredible progression Deadlights have achieved. Due to Marsh’s encouraging wisdom and expertise, Mesma showcases the band’s vulnerable side and thirst in evolving as musicians.

Attending Soundwave Festival Provided An Encouraging Path To Follow Their Music Dreams

Even though Soundwave Festival doesn’t exist anymore, the boys managed to get a taste of the experience during their high school days. Seeing heavy bands perform live to a massive audience was what encouraged them to follow a path in music. Not only did their passion spark from the festival, but they also loved how Soundwave built a strong community of listeners within the heavy scene. There’s nothing quite like discovering your favourite band after seeing them live for the first time (even in the Australian heatwave).

This is just the beginning of Deadlights’ exciting career. Make sure you add them to your ‘Ones To Watch’ list, guys. You won’t regret it.

Mesma releases on Friday April 21 through Greyscale Records