EP Review: Sleep On It – ‘Lost Along The Way’

Photo Credit: Vince DeSantiago

Sleep On It are an up-and-coming band originally formed in Chicago and are the newest makers and shakers from Equal Vision Records‘ ever-growing roster. Since their formation three years ago, the band have managed to smash it out in the park with their latest EP, Lost Along The Way with their new vocalist and ex-frontman of pop-punk feat Bonfires, Zech Pluister. With his rough and deep vocals, channeling all those vibrant textures most kids love about pop-punk, Zech’s vocals have found a home where he can fiercely showcase his talent without selling himself short.

While the band were originally going through a Brand New/Yellowcard vibe with their ex-vocalist John Cass, the musical direction the band are going towards now is fresh and inviting, enticing new listeners with a raw and vibrant sound of pop punk while also hitting those alternative roots, finding growth in the early stages of their career. It’s true: Pop punk isn’t dead, it just takes a lot of soul-searching to come across a band like Sleep On It.

sleep-on-it-lost-along-the-wayWhile the EP may have familiarity from several bands in the pop-punk spectrum, Sleep On It have created their own fun in this release. With bursting choruses and energetic elements being brought to the table, Lost Along The Way is a meaningful record, bringing thoughtful advice to the kids struggling to find their self-identity, desperately seeking some sort of meaning into their lives. Whether it’s listening to the pop punk madness coming from tunes like, “Counting Miles” and “Unspoken”, there’s a lot of themes that weave into growing up and the journey of discovering one’s self through the experiences we face in our youth.

Furthermore, the five-piece have managed to highlight their flexibility in songwriting and instrumentals with heartfelt number, “See You Around”, romancing with blossoming guitar riffs and Pluister’s angelic vocals, gracing the band’s ability to string together a song, leaving teen hearts fluttering. Can we also talk about the lovely The Dangerous Summer vibes coming through this EP? You can tell I’ve had a lot of fun with this considering how Where I Want To Be was the soundtrack of my late teens/early 20s (I’m 24 now, yikes). Otherwise, having such a great influence from one of the most respected bands in the alternative scene is an A-grade in my books.

Overall, Sleep On It are a name that should ring in mind in the next couple of years when they do finally release their very own debut LP. Lost Along The Way is an exciting release for the band, showcasing a sense of growth and maturity in their music. With the competition being so strong already in the pop-punk market, other bands should take note of Sleep On It because this five-piece will one day take over the world.

Lost Along The Way is available now through Equal Vision Records

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