ENTOMBED A.D. Australian Tour Dates Announced!

The Swedish juggernaut that is ENTOMBED A.D. are heading our way in May – courtesy of Hardline Media – and we are delighted to inform you that:

Tickets Are On-Sale now: www.hardlinemedia.net

‘’It was no secret who was scheduled to destroy next. It was none other than Swedish metal masters Entombed A.D. A rebirth of the harrowing Entombed, Entombed A.D. ignited Reggie’s with their signature gruelling guitar atrocity. Fronted by the living legend Lars Goran Petrov, Entombed A.D.’s ingenious expertise was on full display.’’ – Metal At The Gates

Explaining the relevance and influence of Entombed is probably as superfluous as pointing out why Slayer rule, Lemmy is bigger than God and the passing of Dio was the greatest loss in metal history. A legend is a legend. Fullstop. F**k off!

Explaining the reason for the name change might require more effort but why waste precious space? Let the music speak for itself because at the end of the day, that’s what the underground is all about, right? Heavy music for heavy music fans.

ENTOMBED A.D. has all its weapons polished and reloaded and is ready to shatter the Australian music scene with an uncompromising full frontal assault. So, let us all and celebrate the fact that the legend called Entombed has been given new life through ENTOMBED A.D. and all there is left to say is… Goddamn!

ENTOMBED A.D. Australian Tour Dates May 2017

Tuesday 9th MayBrisbane – Crowbar

Wednesday 10th MaySydney – Manning Bar

Thursday 11th May Melbourne – Max Watts

Friday 12th MayAdelaide – Fowlers Licensed All Ages

Saturday 13th MayPerth – Amplifier

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Tickets On-Sale now: www.hardlinemedia.net

Limited VIP meet n greet available

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