Channel [V] & Grouplove Bring Brisbane Shoppers To A Halt With A [V] Guerilla Gig!

Imagine having a hot young band from Los Angeles show up out of nowhere and surprise you midst shopping to give you a memorable gig? That would be pretty special wouldn’t you say? Well that’s just what happened today when Channel [V] hit holiday shoppers with an acoustic performance for a [V] GUERILLA GIG at Brisbane’s Brunswick Street Mall!

GROUPLOVE, who have been performing to sell-out crowds across the country, today brought retailers to a standstill with a surprise and more importantly, free gig for passers-by [and a bunch of savvy Channel [V] fans]. That’s what [V] GUERILLA GIG are about. They’re live performances when [and where] you least expect it.

The five, very cool band members that make up the band GROUPLOVE emerged off the streets and put on a killer performance that was nothing short of awesome. Armed with guitars and a ukulele, GROUPLOVE performed a set of four songs to an ecstatic crowd of 500. Hannah Hooper (vocals) explains, “As individuals we are heavier and darker, but when we are together we bring love.” They belted out their popular track Itchin on a photograph, Lovely Cup, Tongue Tied… and finished it off with Colours as an encore!
So far Channel [V] has brought you a stack of [V] GUERILLA GIG with Good Charlotte in Adelaide, The Ting Tings and Ed Sheeran in Sydney, John Butler Trio in Bundaberg, Faker in Launceston and even Plan B in Paris, plus loads more. We’ve toured the country and beyond with the cream of the crop of Australian artists and some massive international acts to surprise you with these random, impromptu and unforgettable gigs.

Why do we do them? Channel [V] is all about bringing music to the people and we want to create memorable music experiences – and for those lucky punters who happen to be in the right place at the right time for these gigs, it’s a musical memory money can’t buy.

Keep your eyes peeled kids as more [V] GUERILLA GIG are in store over the next couple of months. For clues on which city will be hit next, head to and follow Channel [V] on Facebook. It’s as easy as that.

[V] GUERILLA GIG. Any artist, anywhere, anytime. Who’s next?

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