Album Review: With Confidence – ‘Better Weather’

Considering the success of pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer, there’s another band surfacing in the scene and they’ve been a local name for quite some time. Sydney-based four-piece With Confidence have only been a band for less than five years and to see them curate a loyal fanbase is what matters the most. From their local shows to finally embarking on a Warped Tour journey, the pop-punk outfit are well-deserving of their achievements and it only get’s better from there with their debut record Better Weather.

Already capturing the attention of Hopeless Records and being signed on the same label as Yellowcard, New Found Glory and All Time Low, With Confidence make their mark through their delivery of songs with catchy choruses and candied melodies in this 10-track masterpiece. Claimed by several people in the industry as the next All Time Low, you oftentimes compare Better Weather to nostalgia 2007 album title So Wrong, It’s Right due to its perfect balance of singalong tracks and outstanding maturity progression in the songwriting. Being such an oversaturated market, the pop-punk genre offers so many bands to a large audience but sometimes, the material won’t stick if it’s generic.  However, Better Weather immediately removes this common assumption and we see With Confidence stand on their own two feet with this one.

with-confidence-better-weatherOpening track “Voldemort” is a really meaningful track as it has a backstory to it. The lyrics represent the struggle of mental illness and how it still has that stigma surrounding the issue. Vocalist Jayden Seeley really delves deep with his vocals, perfectly hitting the notes matched by the solid musicianship delivered by the band. The guitar and drum work pinpoints a loud yet blossoming pop-punk sound, showcasing an integral part of balance in the sound elements used in this genre.

Then you see tracks like “Higher” and “Keeper” being the heart-fluttering love songs, yet they’re punchy and filled with cheesy lyrics, making for some quality road-trip tunes. Even though these numbers are driven by romantic clichés, you can’t help but smile at their simplistic and genuine approach to love – the form of courtship every girl dreams about; having a song written about them.

Apart from all the fuzziness the record seems to bring, an admirable quality the band have really nailed down is their ability to write songs from personal experience. Whether it’d be a bad break up or witnessing some type of loss in their life, hearing songs like “Gravity” and “Waterfall” really forms that personal touch to Better Weather for its realness and honesty. The music progression in both tracks have been put together so perfectly, really pushing forward such integrity and purpose in their songwriting. It’s so uplifting to see With Confidence step up in the genre of pop-punk by being really invested in their creativity. There’s no doubt that Better Weather will give them that extra push in exposure because of their maturity progression in both sound and lyrics.

All in all, With Confidence have really brought an outstanding debut record to the world of pop-punk. Like Hogwarts, Better Weather will always be there to welcome you home; comforting you in times of need and being your overall go-to album whenever you need a quick cheer-up.

Better Weather is available now via Hopeless Records/UNFD

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