Album Review: Pierce The Veil – ‘Misadventures’

It’s been a long time coming for American post-hardcore band Pierce The Veil as their fourth record release, Misadventures is finally here! Having to push back its release date a couple of times, fans have been anticipating the record for a while now and honestly, the timing couldn’t have been better because us Pierce The Veil fans know how to Hold On ‘Til May.

Compared to records like Selfish Machines and Collide with the Sky, Pierce The Veil have carefully constructed each song with purpose on Misadventures. The record opens up with “Dive In” and it welcomes this loud and aggressive track; it’s pulsating to your eardrums as soon as you hear those guitar riffs angle from side to side. “The Divine Zero” sounds like your typical Piece The Veil song yet it comes off strong with instrumentation so fierce and definite. With the single being released almost a year ago, it explains why fans were getting so impatient as the track encompassed an interesting sound dynamic due to its emotionally-driven lyrics and luscious instrumentation, keeping you on edge.

Pierce_The_Veil_-_Misadventures_useExperimentation has been a key highlight from the record and it can be noted that the band have taken various risks to make Misadventures what it is. Showcasing a slow-paced rhythm of a song,”Floral and Fading” erases the expectations of your typical loud and aggressive post-hardcore track and proves that just because it removes the element of angst, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fundamental to what makes their music good. What’s crucial is that the band have allowed themselves to create songs organically and express themselves in a way nobody ever could and to see how much Pierce The Veil have grown to channel all those energies is really, really encouraging.

Tracks like “Circles” and “Song For Isabelle” make use of those creative energies and this shows in their songwriting and musicianship. There’s so much heartache and pain instilled in the numbers that it’s refreshing to see the band be so vulnerable in their music. “Circles” describes the scenario of being trapped in an unwanted space and trying to escape with a loved one. The lyrics are so, so heavy that you begin to imagine the people attending the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris last year; how they felt when they witnessed those masked gun men pointing the trigger and killing hundreds with no remorse. With its self-paced rock instrumentation and Vic Fuentes‘ vocals, it’s almost a song of panic – a song where it allows you to empathise with the people who had themselves trapped in a situation of danger. There’s a lot to take in because of how emotional and visionary the lyrics are as Pierce The Veil have essentially captured something they wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

From this, we see Misadventures take on a journey of love, life and self-discovery, and any average listener would understand that music being relatable is the best kind. Overall, the record is something so timeless that if it were to be dug up from the ground hundreds of years later, it would still mean something to people; beautifully-crafted songs they could live through vicariously in their daily lives, no matter where they are.

Misadventures is available now via Fearless Records

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