Rock is a genre that has evolved over the last decade, with more bands experimenting with their sound, exploring new heights and taking more creative risks. One of them happens to be Melbourne-based band, Ocean Grove – the next big thing to come out of heavy label UNFD. Collectively speaking, their just a bunch of normal dudes, making music that ultimately makes them proud individuals but for their upcoming record, The Rhapsody Tapes, it’s a record that not only represents them as a unit, but it ultimately surpasses any expectations of what Ocean Grove have showcased in the past before.

Whether it’s through their fierce-blazing tunes, their use of electronic soundscapes and ability to craft atmospheric melodies, The Rhapsody Tapes proves that Ocean Grove love noise; noise with purpose, skill and a voice.

Putting together the right balance of punk, metal and rock together, The Rhapsody Tapes isn’t a cohesive record and that’s what makes it special. The songs all stand alone but in a way, they shape together what Ocean Grove want to achieve as a band and that is, making sure that the misfits are heard of and that it’s okay to be different. We’ve all, at some point, have felt alienated in our lives. Whether it’d be from the high school cliques, moving to another country or feeling unwelcome in a new work environment, these are just a couple of examples that make us feel like we’re not enough. The Rhapsody Tapes builds upon this notion and it’s an empowering move.

“The Wrong Way” is anthemic and uplifting, building great momentum with passionate guitar riffs and airy vocals delivered by frontman Luke Holmes. The build up throughout the chorus soars right through your ears, and you’re bound to see how united the band are in their instrumentation. “Beers” sinks right into the heavy elements, slowly pounding into a stormy tune with flourishing metal vibes, left, right and centre. It doesn’t hold back from the typical angsty feels one experiences when they don’t belong somewhere. It describes that moment where you just want to put your headphones in and feel a sense of hatred for a day. “Mr Centipede” kind of envelopes a post-hardcore feel, giving off such beautiful soundscapes. It’s a clean-cut song, something a little less experimental but maintains the same chemistry found in other songs. Not to mention, the impressive use of beats and the trap-like elements in “Thunderdome” and “From Dalight”. The overall production of the record is of stellar quality, enhancing the sound dynamics even more from the band.

While Ocean Grove may be cementing their own sound with this record, the band are also finding their sense of purpose in the music industry. With The Rhapsody Tapes, they’re able to channel through energies that have been felt from their experiences. In a way, it’s a record that delves into the minds of this young band, not only for their unique delivery of songs, but the way they capture a feeling that transcends from person to person. Each song is a rites of passage – an inner look on who Ocean Grove are as people, not just as musicians. The Rhapsody Tapes is a passionate, eclectic debut that strives to push for variety and the need to be different. Ocean Grove are talented as hell and beat to their own drum, and that’s what the world needs right now.

The Rhapsody Tapes is available February 3 via UNFD / Rise Records 

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