Album Review: Frank Iero and the Patience – ‘Parachutes’

I remember two years ago listening to Stomachaches and being intrigued by Frank Iero‘s voice. It gave me chills to my spine, in the most beautiful way possible. It was painful, delicate and empowering. For a musician I have respected for years, it’s incredible to see Iero blossom in every milestone he has has reached in his career so far.

What I loved about Stomachaches was the rawness of the instrumentation and how much authenticity it had. It was different, weird but comforting to listen to at 2am in the morning, but what I wished more than anything was for Iero to get a full band and really flesh out the remarkable talent this man had when it came to his songs.

Moving forward from “Cellabration” to “the Patience” really has its differences and what I can say is that Iero took a large leap with Parachutes. Each song is a journey, reflective of the moments in Iero’s life where he’s had to deal with painful experiences leading him to become the individual that he is today. As with any person, pain changes the way we are. It gives us time to reflect what we have now and appreciate them more than we have before. There are moments in our life where we become ungrateful for the shitty things we get thrown at, but in that, we become stronger individuals, filled with wisdom and a sense of self-awareness from those experiences. We sometimes refuse change because we become comfortable in our daily routines but life just feels like we jump out of the plane constantly, without the safety net of a parachute. In a sense, that’s what this record justifies from start to finish.

csavl0owiaawowlEvery song feels like a curveball of some sort, an ode to something, a reflection of the past. The delivery of each tune is strong and bold yet it masks a humbling undertone that blooms in the band’s musicianship. Iero confidently screams in most of the songs but you feel the emotion and the intensity of it all. It’s brave being able to do that; to be vulnerable in a fleeting moment. Iero isn’t scared – he remains hopeful, even if he’s lived through some dark moments in his life. Parachutes encourages us to never expect a soft landing and to be cautious of what life throws at us; it delves into the reality of being yourself and to never feel like you’re some sort of outcast, ignored by everybody.

With the record having so many layers, it’s difficult to talk about each song individually and I think that’s what makes it such an important entity for Frank Iero and his vision as a creative. He doesn’t hold back creatively and emotionally, making Parachutes one of the most moving records he’s released to date. Moving forward with a full band, Iero fits into place musically and it highlights his talented way of making people feel alive with his gracious words of wisdom and integrity.

Frank Iero and the Patience uncover a beautiful, well-written offering in Parachutes. Iero proves that even through his heartbreaking moments, he instils passion and resilience in every chorus and verse, quietly lifting up the spirits for those stumbling through the challenges of life. He never fails to deliver and Parachutes is just another way of showcasing his immeasurable talent to the world. It encourages you to be your own hero because at the end of the day, only you can save yourself with your own parachute.

Parachutes is available now through Vagrant Records / Cooking Vinyl Australia

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