Album Review: Bare Bones – ‘Bad Habits’

Resist Records has been killing it in the game with their recent signings and Sydney’s Bare Bones happens to be one of the bands that make their roster a little more colourful. If you’re into punk rock and heavy riffs, you’re going to love what’s on offer with the band’s upcoming debut record, Bad Habits. The record is filled with infectious instrumentation and a vicious demeanour that’s hard to come by in most bands. Needless to say, the five-piece aren’t afraid to reveal their tenacious attitude in their music, uncovering the angsty parts of punk you love. Bare Bones keep it real because who needs that sugarcoated bullshit?

The first half of the record is raging with bangers. Their opening track “Thick As Thieves” comes right in with no hesitation, filled with hard-hitting vocals and mesmerising guitar and drum work. From here, you can tell how much passion Bare Bones has when it comes to their music. Not only that, they show how punk rock is done. “Midnight Climax” again shows the punch-filled energy the band has. It has an incredible guitar solo, adding a diverse rock n’ roll tone in their music. Uniquely put together, the production for some of the songs on this record is quite superb.

However, the second half of the record is less exciting. “Diamond Cutter” feels like a fill-in track. A little lacklustre with mindless vocals being added compared to the other tracks off the record. “Heavy Burner” is another track filled with riffs except it feels a little bland and lacks the chemistry the first half of the LP had. Though some of the tracks from Bad Habits feels a little less powerful, it doesn’t necessarily mean it kills the entire vibe Bare Bones are going for.

Overall, Bad Habits is a decent effort from Sydney’s Bare Bones. For a debut record, it showcases their fearless ways of experimenting while also keeping the integrity of punk music alive. For a local band already making waves after a couple of EP’s, the five-piece show impressive progression for a band getting its first head start in the music industry.

Bad Habits is available May 19 through Resist Records 

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