Album Review: Acceptance – Colliding By Design

Seattle rock band Acceptance has had a strong legacy over the years. Ending their music career far too quickly, the alternative rock outfit has had a cult following over the years with their solid debut record, Phantoms. Back when they kicked off their promising journey around the early 2000s, the five-piece announced, after the release of the record, that they were disbanding due to other commitments.

Ever since I discovered the band in 2006, I was gutted to know that their journey had ended. Phantoms has been an album that I’ve loved for many years.  I admired Acceptance’s contagious energy, gorgeous musicianship, and undeniable chemistry within their lyrics and music.

Now, the band are about to release their sophomore record, Colliding By Design, I couldn’t have asked for a better comeback album. Bringing such nostalgic memories while also executing a maturity progression in their music, Acceptance have returned to Earth with bigger and better anthems.

The record explores many themes of letting go and growing up. It’s very nostalgic and shapes way for the authentic sound Acceptance are going for. Opening up the record with an optimistic tone, “Diagram of A Simple Man” kicks off such flourishing guitar notes and clean production in the band’s musicianship. Jason Vena’s vocals are atmospheric and tie in perfectly with the song, leaving you with feelings of optimism and hope for the future somehow. I’m not sure what went on when I first heard this song, but it reminded me of the time where I went for a coastal walk with one of my best friends and we saw the ocean across a cliff; I was in complete serenity in that moment of time – a calm awakening.

In essence, Colliding By Design is a cohesive listen and explores such meaningful undertones from the band. Songs like, “Fire and Rain” and “Haunted” provide such a raw feel to the band. Not only that, both songs provide rhythm and emotional integrity to what the band stand for in alternative rock music. Compared to Phantoms, majority of the songs follow a slow-paced direction. Here, we see Colliding By Design nurture the passionate shell the outfit have been hiding away all these years, breathing and feeling the music while leaving all sense of self-doubt behind.

Colliding By Design showcases an album filled with determination and hope from Acceptance. Whether you’re on the brink of discovering this band or have been a long-time fan for many years, this record shows Acceptance’s successful development as a band with impassioned individuals making their mark in the industry. Filling your empty days with music that fills your heart and soul, Colliding By Design brings a renewed sense of finding yourself again, while also remembering the roots of where it all began. This is Acceptance – a band ready to take the world by storm with their fearless talent.

Colliding By Design releases February 24 via Rise Records 

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