The Biggest Race in The Universe – “REDLINE” ANIME REVIEW


Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to see director Takeshi Koike’s ‘Redline’, a 102 minutes animated film based on a futuristic deadly race tournament named REDLINE held every 5 years where the best interplanetary racers defy the speed limits.

The movie begins in a race called Yellow Line where JP (Takuya Kimura) crashes in the last minute leaving Sonoshee (Yu Aoi) as the winner. JP gets injured after the race but he decides to be a part of REDLINE which will be held in Roboworld a militarized planet ruled by cyborgs that refuses to host the race. JP travels to Robotworld assisted by his head mechanic Frisbee and scrounger to re-construct his vehicle.  Here, the beautiful Sonoshee is up to the race too, together with other competitors previously seen at Yellowline.

The movie follows a simple storyline with the most outrageous characters. The animation looks like it has been inspired by the 70’s or 80’s as the characters looks like G-Force (The Battle of The Planets) or Akira. The film is sometimes hard to keep up as it has too much going on in every frame with vivid colors plus the fluid animation of the ultra-customized cars, the technology around them, the sound and power of nitro-motors, the hectic gambling and the adrenaline coming from the race.

The interplanetary race is just WOW! It brings astonishing animation and pure adrenaline in a techno soundtrack as a background that just reflects the need for speed of the characters, which sometimes reminds you of the pod-race in Star Wars Episode I, The Fast and Furious films or The Wacky Races but is extremely well done. The animation is mostly cyberpunk with detailed mechanics everywhere, especially when racers use the nitro on their vehicles.

The race is visually exhilarating as the cyborgs from Robotworld and the militaristic government tries to stop the race. Robotworld makes a horrible mistake and release their ultimate bio-weapon ‘Freak-Boy’ a violent being that could destroy the planet. However as they try to stop him with a giant laser, the race continues in a massive battle between the pilots and the military, where every racer is under enormous pressure.

The story has a hint of romance, without been mellow, based on JP and Sonoshee as he falls for her, showing segments from their past that she doesn’t seem to remember. Furthermore, as her vehicle gets destroyed by Freak-boy, they join forces to finish the race.

Overall REDLINE has a fascinating story with excitement all the time, a fresh animation and likable characters. REDLINE is a must watch for anybody (over 18) as it contains nudity and violence.

Madman brings this fantastic animation to Australia already out on Blu Ray and DVD. It includes the Redline trailer and a Quick Guide to Redline, where the team explains the 7 year work to make this movie possible.


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  1. Kieran

    Redline is so good – the animation and the soundtrack are spectacular. Have you seen The Woman Called Fujiko Mine? It’s another great anime that showcases Takeshi Koike’s talent. I’d be interested to hear what you think of it.


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