Thanks to 20th Century Fox Australia, we got to see Jay Chandrasekhar’s Super Troopers 2 ahead of its cinematic release. This is our review of the movie, but as usual, no matter what we say, we still recommend you to go and see it at your local cinema because there is no better critic than yourself!

It’s been almost 20 years – 20 DAMN YEARS – since the release of Super Troopers that became a cult classic following its release in 2001. Despite a poor performance at the box office, the sometimes hilarious shenanigans and quotable lines made it a popular movie on DVD leaving fans asking…neigh begging for a sequel and, finally, the time is meow!

The sequel has, in fact, been in development for more than 16 years and was held back due to the poor performance of the first, with no studio wanting to take a chance on it.

And it’s easy to understand why. The humour of the first was crude, vulgar and rarely hit the mark. But for some reason, it resonated with audiences at the time and was seen as the first in a new breed of outrageous comedies and paved the way for the like of the Road Trip, which was simply much better.

Look, we liked the first one at the time but watching it now, it seems to have aged much worse than it’s counterparts.

But the fans were not willing to give up on a sequel and a crowd funding effort resulted in raising $US4.4m – $US2.4m than the target with funders being offered everything from producer roles, parts in the movie to having Farva (Kevin Heffernan) sire a child with them. Thankfully that one never got off the ground – guess the $US25m pledge was a little too steep for the ladies?

The story follows on from the first with the entire cast, including some notable faces from the first movie, banding together for a final shot of being police officers. When it’s determined that a small Canadian town is actually on the wrong side of the border, the Super Troopers (who we find at the beginning of the movie got fired again from being police officers) are called in to assist in the transition of the Canadian town to becoming part of America.

It’s a move that is met with resentment by the French Canadian population – including a hilarious town meeting that descends into a brawl as the Troopers get pelted with hockey pucks thanks to Farva trying to instil a little patriotism in the Canadians for their new country, by belting out his own version of the American Anthem.

The group must also take on the Mountie unit they are replacing, embarking on a prank war that is dumb good fun. Even Rob Lowe has been drafted in as the town’s mayor, equipped with his own style of French-Canadian accent.

In the midst of the mayhem, the group must also solve a drug smuggling operation designed to take advantage of the transition to America.

Look, Super Troopers was good at the time and mostly because of the randomness that surround the antics of the genuinely disturbed Farva. But it aged poorly and watched now, just cries of trying a little too hard.

And the sequel is…well…FRICKEN AWESOME! Seriously, we always struggle to think what films we’ve seen that have genuinely made us laugh – and this is popcorn-spitting hilarity at its finest.

Yes, there is a similar level of juvenile humour at play but it’s so much more polished than the first, showcasing that the time pursuing other projects by the cast and director was well spent honing their craft.

And to be honest, with the slew of dark comedies that have been released of late, we were just happy to sit and watch a movie that I didn’t have to think about too hard, or even feel bad for laughing at.

It’s horrendously politically incorrect too – and we’re ok with that. There are the usual (dare I say lazy) stereotypes of the Canadian society that are a little close to the knuckle – including one joke from Rob Lowe about Indians that may be construed as racist. But for the most part, the political incorrectness, in a world that is obsessed with not offending anyone, is refreshing.

Farva is, again, a stand-out character and it’s hard to understand why actor Kevin Heffernan doesn’t get more roles, as he would easily give the likes of Kevin James (Paul Blart) a run for his money. Hell, he looks like a young John Candy.

Whether you saw the first and liked it or hated it, Super Troopers 2 is one of the best sequels ever – ok, the first didn’t set the bar all that high – but we’d happily donate $10 to a fund for a third. Maybe $20, if we can get a clip of Farva singing the American national anthem for my ringtone.

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