Thanks to Madman we got a chance to see the two films in the live-action Parasyte saga on DVD.

School student Shinichi Izumi lives in a world were strange creatures begin taking over the human body, making every individual a blood thirsty monster.

Shinichi never expected to be a victim of this alien-type of menace. However, while sleeping, one of the “Parasites” attempts to take over his body without much luck, as it only manages to conquer his hand.

Now, Shinichi and his new found parasite partner “Migi”, who is capable of morphing into sharp weapons, must team up against the alien invaders in order to survive and save mankind.

The Parasyte films are tailormade to amuse anime, horror and gore lovers, as it doesn’t overcomplicate things and gets straight to business, including a ridiculous amount of gore, good digital effects, solid performances and some great fights.

The core of the film is “Migi”, the Parasite living on Shinichi’s hand as he becomes a perfect sidekick, despite being an evil being. The movies manage to make viewers sympathise with the creature.

The first film delivers more drama, scares and plot twist, while the second one is more of a build up to the final battle, showcasing some impressive fights.

Overall, Parasyte might not be for everyone, especially for the sensitive audiences, as it’s violent and gory. It delivers what it promises without being too pretentious, and that’s enough to make it another Japanese must-see!

Parasyte is now available on DVD from Madman. Get your copy here.

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